An Introduction to West India Tours

The western part of India comprises of the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra mainly. Tour to West India is one to unwind at the sea-shores, enjoy a multi-cultural cocktail and indulge in the culinary delights. In complement to the geographical beauty, this region furthermore has a significant number of historical monuments and recreation options attracting a diverse organization of travellers to opt for West India tours.

The hometown of Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat is brimming subsequent to than places similar to the legend’s moving picture. The own taking place of Goa is enormously substitute from that of Gujarat and offers a fun-filled holidaying experience on the subject of its beaches. The electric city of Bollywood, Mumbai is not just the entertainment hub, but is afterward the financial powerhouse of India. A join up of these three destinations makes for an ideal West India tour package.Do you know about Essay on republic day 2019 in english


Sun, Surf and Sand portray Goan holiday experience best. On a West India tour one cannot avoid the warmth of swaying palms, dazzling waters and white sands of Goa beaches. A Portuguese territory for very virtually 450 years, Goa was annexed by Indian running in 1961. The region is so flanked by numerous colonial relics, ancient cathedrals and a number of world descent architecture accumulation depth to Goa tour. The bonhomie of its people, colours of its carnivals, languid setting of its beaches and the drowsiness of its vigorous nightclubs comes naturally to Goa. It is the ultimate party town and plus the best place to unwind and shrug off that hang more than the adjacent day for that footnote makes its place sound in most of the tours to West India.


Gujarat is one of the treasures mostly tainted from the hordes of tourists. A long coastline makes Gujarat one of the major ports of India. The disclose encompasses all the major sites of Indus Valley Civilization which beautify Lothal and Dholavira. Home to Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat has witnessed numerous struggles for Indian Independence movements. West India tourism opens door to the ancient civilizations and archaeological sites belonging to that age it as well as provides opportunity to experience the ways of moving picture of the man who paved India’s passageway to independence. Places of argument in Gujarat fasten various museums such as Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, Colico Museum of Textiles, Vadodara Museum and the Gandhi Museum.


Home to Indian Film Industry and the financial powerhouse of India, Mumbai is ever dazzling and consequently is rightly known as “a city that never sleeps”. Perched nearly the west coast of India, Mumbai has a deep natural harbour. Its beaches are conscious gone people flocking in invincible numbers for a daylight jog or evening breeze. Chowpatti Beach is one of its to hand it is a place where lovers meet and where Mumbai takes a call a halt to for making sand castles and to enjoy spicy beverages. Done in addition to shopping at its flea markets and malls mushrooming at the entire single one corner, one can along with investigate its nightclubs and bars for a fun night-out. Thus busy gone noise and laughter, rocking following hardships and music concerts Mumbai dazzles and makes a visit to this city a must for those on the order of a West India tour.

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