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Cen Jake
Goku, Supersayan! , Supersayan 2!
Comment from : Cen Jake

I'm Awesome
2 core lacks because of screen recording
Comment from : I'm Awesome

I'm Awesome
6 core is like "live it to me"😅
Comment from : I'm Awesome

ZR Gaming
Oh god i just find out that my pc has 4 cores
Comment from : ZR Gaming

dineshchandra patnaik
I7 6th gen usable for gaming??
Comment from : dineshchandra patnaik

Mukul Rajput
My specifications
4gb ddr3 1600mhz
And 2 core 4 thread
And i am trying to play Forza horizon 4 but ...,...........,.😐

Comment from : Mukul Rajput

What u guys think about
Ryzen 5 2600
Rx 580 8gb
Enough for high settings 1080p?

Comment from : IonutOny

Mandando Ver
Dual cores are dying
Comment from : Mandando Ver

Damian Severich
How much fps can i get in any of those games with this spec:

Amd a6 7840 dual core
8gb ram
Rx560 4gb?

Comment from : Damian Severich

Anime Video
How did u get 70+ fps on Rider?I have 1060 6gb i7 8750H, 16 gb ram, but average fps is 45
Comment from : Anime Video

Stephen Parr
how does a dual core on almost 100 percent stay cooler than the other cpus????
Comment from : Stephen Parr

It's completely wortless, if a video encoding tools runs parallel and eats CPU performance, that normally would be left for the game. Especially because video encoding is a really great to parallelize process, that can easily use all CPU cores, while gaming is quite the opposite.
Comment from : ElMariachi

you had to do this test with a better GPU or at a lower res.. most of the time 4 and 6 cores are being bottle-necked by your GPU usage being over 95-99%
Comment from : Noyz

Mr. Carroll Ware
Oh just give me a billion cores already.
Comment from : Mr. Carroll Ware

Harshal Ushire
2 core about to die🤣
Comment from : Harshal Ushire

Comment from : TÜRK MÜHRÜ

Why do 4 core use less memory?
Comment from : DartLuke

Ganesh Gaikwad
His all videos are fake
Comment from : Ganesh Gaikwad

Gamer all Show
Interesante forma de usarlos ay que la forma y comportamiento de los componentes de 2 a 4 y 4 a 6 don similares tiene. Una gran diferencia en el uso de sus recursos aún que son 16 gbs ram salen sobrados
Comment from : Gamer all Show

Adhityo Prathama Adji
conclusion = 2 core vs 4 core = winner 4 core with huge diference around 20-40 fps
4 core vs 6 core = winner 6 core with little diference just around 10 -15 fps
i still preferable 4 core because 6 core expensive :)

Comment from : Adhityo Prathama Adji

egor ivanov
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i5 8600k
GTX 1060 6Gb
16Gb RAM Kingston DDR4-2400Mhz

Comment from : egor ivanov

Rahul Kumar
pink color changed kar do
Comment from : Rahul Kumar

Gtx Bansal
Core to duo 2 core price= 400rs
Core to quad = 1500rs
Hexa core price ?

Comment from : Gtx Bansal

Random Vids
Meanwhile out there
2x1.7 Ghz

Comment from : Random Vids

Federico Alegre
xeon e7 8890 v4?
Comment from : Federico Alegre

It may be worth keeping in mind that this isn't just testing gaming performance, it is testing gaming + video recording/streaming performance. To know if a game makes good use of more than 4 cores you would need to do your recording with a camera pointing at your screen.
Comment from : scowie

But what GPU are you using?
Comment from : Lucid.Outlaw

Crystal Petitjean
Im using a r3 2200g with an rx570.
Comment from : Crystal Petitjean

It all depends on what graphics card you use, if it's gtx750ti then a dual-core processor is enough, if it's gtx960 gtx1050 then you need a quad-core processor, if it's gtx1060 gtx1660ti gtx2060s these graphics cards. Then you need a six-core processor.
Comment from : 留岛不留畜生杀光日杂绿蛆

mike Sean
Hyperthreading which doubles the amount of cores? (Logical cores)Does it count on these games? Or nah. pls explain tq
Comment from : mike Sean

2 cores: I'm about to explode
Comment from : C-Crystals

valiant rose
Is that 2c 2t or 2c 4t ?
Comment from : valiant rose

Is 2/4 means 4 core or 2 core?
Comment from : NG GW

Dual Core is dead .
Comment from : GameBliss

anwar daud
2 cores is a real pain
Comment from : anwar daud

This video makes a very important point. Going forward, 8c16t, is going to become the new minimum standard in gaming. Why? Because that is how many cores and threads that the PS5 (and shitbox) will have. Consoles drive the games industry, so unless you match the consoles for minimum requirements, your games will end up looking like the 'two core' on the left. lolol There is a trhreadpocalypse coming to gaming, and very few PC gamers realise what is going to happen... Dual, quad, and even hexa cores are going to become obsolete in the next few years. if you are looking for someone to blame... Look at AMD, this is their overarching strategy.
Comment from : magburner

2 cores are bottlenecking the gpu.
Comment from : VortexTReX

Kerem İşyapan
7:20 GPU %3 this is very huge bottleneck
Comment from : Kerem İşyapan

OPD Assam
I am using Pentium g4400 🙊
Comment from : OPD Assam

Pijush- the delightful person
Please Suggest
Processor Ryzen 3600
Which GPU will be better???
Budget 175$
BDT 15k Taka

Comment from : Pijush- the delightful person

Hector Omares
Con 4 cores ya anda muy bien ...La verdad
Comment from : Hector Omares

KciNicK M. M.
compare 2 wheels vs 4 wheels, a bike vs a ferrari, or a Yamaha YZF R1M vs a Ford Pinto, this comparison is useless...
Comment from : KciNicK M. M.

Shah Faisal
how possible that 2 Cores GPU usage is lower @ every game?
Comment from : Shah Faisal

Quel tizi0 di n0m3 Ric
I want an i7 9700k for 8 cores.
Comment from : Quel tizi0 di n0m3 Ric

Tactical Gamer
4 cores and 6 cores dont have that much difference so my advice save a couple of bucks 4 gpu and buy pc with 4 cores
Comment from : Tactical Gamer

Austin V
instead of dividing each screen into a third that doesnt sync up with the others, showing nothing form the other screens to compare with, why not just show the whole screens side by side? or at least the same portion of each screen so you can actually compare them.
Comment from : Austin V

So they use less CPU% but gain heat (with the more cores you have)?
Comment from : PAÐÐY

Annoying •
Intel® Core™ i5 1,6 GHz Quad-Core or AMD Ryzen™ 3
2,6 GHz Dual-Core? I’m new to this.

Comment from : Annoying •

LowSkill Potato.
Watching 60FPS+ video on my ~30FPS device
Comment from : LowSkill Potato.

there are exclusive npcs when you have 4 cores.
Comment from : Lagoz

Franco Forte
Comment from : Franco Forte

6 cores is better.
Comment from : CLEISON SOUZA

Melvi Vanilly
So as a noob i should just go for 6?????????
Comment from : Melvi Vanilly

Cpu is very bottlenecking the gpu in 2 cores
Comment from : Gamsy

8:45 that is not 100 FPS lmaoooo
Comment from : ThatGuyAtSubway

Xeon esation
where is frametime graph???
Comment from : Xeon esation

You can not just compare core 2 duo dual core with 7th generation G4560 Dual core*
Comment from : VickyOP

Digger Diggerpy
I think i have an 8 core? Is that possible?
Comment from : Digger Diggerpy

Dark Light
GTA 5 was just painful to watch on the duo core.
Comment from : Dark Light

We need frame timeeeeeeeee
Comment from : DarlIng

John Hall
The 2 cores the CPU cannot keep up with the GPU, while the 6 core is the opposite, where the GPU is struggling to keep up with the CPU. Meaning the 4 cores and the GPU are the best match, as they both work together, neither pushing the other over the edge too much.
Comment from : John Hall

stephtony lo
Please read description of the video, not to say it's inconclusive but it is running on a GTX 1060, a more realistic thing people have than a 2080 ti. The goal of the video being testing the CPU cores then the GPU shouldn't be the bottleneck at 6 cores, hence why the CPU is only using ~70% while GPU is constantly at ~99% around the same fps for some titles. This is a still informative video and achieves it's goals but I believe your test system should be in the video, especially it's somewhat misleading. I'd say it's misleading because some games (Tomb Raider) of 6 core fps is same as 4 core fps, reason being the GPU cant push the CPU to its full potential.
Comment from : stephtony lo

houcine hamdiken
Wtf in witcher 3 with 2 core 70 fps and there is a lag can someone explain?
Comment from : houcine hamdiken

Bintang Ekananda
2 core processor in 2019 is the best friend of stuttering..
Comment from : Bintang Ekananda

Muhammad Umair
4 Core are ok in budget
Comment from : Muhammad Umair

why in the dual core the Gpu goes so little compared to other?
Comment from : Reed

4 The Best Center
Comment from : X ZONE IT

Crusader B
Damn I love my piece of shit Pentium e5400 2c/2t
Comment from : Crusader B

Human eye can't see more than 2 cores
Comment from : Cihat

D Cheema
The GPU is a bottleneck.
Comment from : D Cheema

This test would've been super awesome if it was a hyper threading processor..
Comment from : Niro

Comment from : シエンドロット

Андрей Дерябин
Test without hyperthreading.
Comment from : Андрей Дерябин

Holger X
I wonder how hyperthreading would change the results as then the cores would only be virtual. The i5-8600 has no hyperthreading. Would need an i7 or Ryzen.
Comment from : Holger X

100 subscribers without any videos challenge
2 ядра 4 гига игровая видеокарта
Comment from : 100 subscribers without any videos challenge

1 core vs 2 core vs 4 core vs 6 core vs 8 core vs 10 core vs 12 core vs 16 core vs 18 core vs 20 core vs 24 core vs 32 core
Comment from : Крек

Xalex 79
I guess 4 cores is the sweet spot , but 6 cores should be better
Comment from : Xalex 79

Core X- 9920X
minimum need 6 cores and more in 2019 games
2 cores = don’t game plz
4 cores = holy shit gaming speed
6 cores = very nice gaming speed
but i have 12 cores cpu haha so happy

Comment from : Core X- 9920X

6 cores are never at 100% at any point during this video
Comment from : ProtMythic

Oskar Kosik
I5 6600k still rock :D
Comment from : Oskar Kosik

Mr Sheep
It mostly depends on the architecture tho. We have no idea if you are comparing Intel Core i3/i5/i7 of the same generation
Comment from : Mr Sheep

I think there is a little bottleneck in the 2 core
Comment from : MrScouty

mili #
Its a fake video he is using gtx 1060 6gb and he has 24 fps on battlefield it's not possible don't take it seriously.
Comment from : mili #

there's a problem when you show lara croft ... with the core 2 there's 74 fps but we see something like 20 fps ??
PS : sorry for my bad english , i am french ...

Comment from : Reliken

David _Marts
I’ve 8 cores lel i7 9700k
Comment from : David _Marts

track poweer
2 core fps fail games gta v 55 hp too slow. Pc to 19- 25 to slow
Comment from : track poweer

Jan Rynkevic
Just be in the middle
Comment from : Jan Rynkevic

Not a good comparison.. most dual cores have 4 threads
Comment from : GauravK

Bottleneck the heck out
Comment from : It'sYoBoiGucci

Slices of SIB
8 core is more than enough, getting anything past that is just getting robbed.
Comment from : Slices of SIB

el de 2cores esta haciendo cuello de botella me parece ni idea q gpu esta usando ni q procesador.
Comment from : Matias

Farhan Ahmed
You should have mentioned which dual core you are using. So that people can understand the difference..
Comment from : Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed
I get around 45 to 50 fps in witcher 3 on ultra with dual core.. Dont know what kinda dual core he is testing. XD
Comment from : Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed
I am running dual core for a while and i manage to get above 50 fps on ultra settings in every game almost.
Comment from : Farhan Ahmed

edgard camp
Stutter the 2 cores in witcher 3 why?
Comment from : edgard camp

The Count
all you need to look is at CPU%

dual core - 100%
others - 60%-70%

Comment from : The Count

I think that the core i5 is a great choice for budget and mid-range gaming they are alot cheaper and have almost the same performance. And yes the fututre will require you to have more than 4 cores to run games as smoothly and if you just get some money in the time that many new games require you to have more cores and the core i7 processors especially the older gen i7 which perform pretty similar with the newere gen i7 will be pretty cheaper than today and might cost as a new gen i5 but you have those extra cores and its more future proof.
Comment from : NoWifiMusic

Gayan Rathnayaka
This is fake, run these games on 3 different cpus with 2,4,and 6 cores. For example Intel g5400, Intel core i3 9100f and a intel core i5 6 core cpu,. Then we can see a fair and real benchmark. Setting a single processor to run on different number of cores is not making a justice on real dual core or qaud core processors. This is just a misleading benchmark. You go and see youtube videos which runs games on intel dualcore g5400 + nvidia gtx 1060
Comment from : Gayan Rathnayaka

all game work 4 core if you have 6 core procesor 2 core sleep 4 work!
Comment from : Ladon

make difference i3, i5, and i7..
Comment from : Akbar

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