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mzamo mahlangabeza
How I pick characters
In kof
If his iori

Comment from : mzamo mahlangabeza

How to pick a character:

Experiment with different fighters until someone clicks. They could be quick, they could be strong, they could grapple or be masters at stringing combos together. They could even have a mix! Every fighter has their strengths and weaknesses to account for, and with enough time, effort, and practice, you'll be in the top leagues.

Comment from : TheSarahkitten42

I usualy pick my character as low to mid tier and try to pick some one that feels right and unique. In tekken i have almost always mainded steve fox just because his kick buttons have being replaced by dodges sins he is a boxer.

Its way more fun if you can kick everybodys ass as and underdog that surprices you with and odd fighting kit

Comment from : 07kilswitch

My favorite character is random select. Mains ate for wimps.
Comment from : Sweetestsadist

b k
I dont really main any one in any game.i try to get good with every one i like.it might not get me to tournaments,but it makes me enjoy the game i paid for and thats all that really matters to me.having fun playing.
Comment from : b k

Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
Hot chicks to introduce losers.. lmao that sounds bout right
Comment from : Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

michael williams
I usually go with speed so Hwroang and Maxi/Mitsurgui or I go cheap or whoever I can get combos with quickest like sub zero/Kung Lao or sagat
Comment from : michael williams

I main Sagat because he’s:
A: a virtuous fighter, he tried to help Ryu up after kicking his ass, renounced his hatred and evil ways later in the storyline too. Beloved by his entire village.
B: looks physically imposing, tall and shredded, the only fighter that is more imposing is Zangief.
C: Very simple gameplay, even years later he still plays the same as he did in turbo.

Comment from : ECLong

Steven Hannweg
this video is now a bit older but i still wanted to make my choice to the topic here:

i'm a tekken player since i was a kid, my first tekken was tekken 3 and my main is jin. the key reason for that is probably the cool memories to his fighting and desing style of the char. After starting playing online in a more competetiv lvl i still stick to him cause my mentality is to play a hard and honest char is more rewarding for myselfe then to play the booring meta or the easier chars just to get wins etc. This way of thinking and playing put me surely in a long time of frustrations and high time learncurve but i think it was worth it.

Comment from : Steven Hannweg

Apollo 47
I wanna play low tier characters because I feel bad picking a top tier character
Comment from : Apollo 47

Derwent the Critical think tank
even on the day i was born, i knew i was gonna kick my friends asses as seige dragunov.
Comment from : Derwent the Critical think tank

I always just go based off play style and then character's design as a second
Comment from : TheOneTitch

Scorpion he’s easy to play edgy af and of course the lore
Comment from : SlyHound

Fail X
I hate when people think it mysoginistic and sexist to make female character have less health in fighting. Those are people who can't accept the fact that the most athletic female probably won't be as strong as the most athletic male, which is basically what are fighting game characters. Yes a woman can easily be strong than a man, but men have a higher potential than women, that hoe their bodies work and fighting games have characters who are basically at the edge of human capabilities if not higher so it makes perfect sense that a buff female will still be a bit weaker than a buff male. The trade off is that female have smaller frame (in general, of course there are always exception to everything) making them nimbler and more often faster. Instead of whining about what fighting game developpers think they shouldn't give to women characters, you can just think of what they do give them, since fighting games are extremely well balanced.
Comment from : Fail X

Fail X
I mean, there shouldn't be any shame in playing dirty and repeating the same strategy in a fighting game. If your opponent can't figure out a way to circumvent it, then it's on them no you.
Comment from : Fail X

Joseph Flores
I main kage cause I too am an idiot using low tier
Comment from : Joseph Flores

Tekken: jin (cuz i started playing tekken revolution and the first character i unlocked was him and i've been maining him for almost 7 years already and learned all his moves)
Comment from : Hibana

Yosif Mukhled
in mortal kombat i first played with sub zero because blue
but now i play noob saibot

Comment from : Yosif Mukhled

Fighting Game Central
I just started street fighter 5 the other day, I been playing dragon ball fighters since day one and I’m living legend, any tips for a newbie sf player here I’m starting with Ken
Comment from : Fighting Game Central

Michael Pisciarino
1:00 Perceived Strength
2:25 Playstyle “Fits your hands”
3:17 Character Traits
4:50 Ryu vs Akuma
6:13 Women

6:38 Channel Recommendation

Comment from : Michael Pisciarino

Plant Kirby
Inkling. That is all.
Comment from : Plant Kirby

Emilio Espinoza
I don’t go by Tier lists. I go by are they fun to play as. I started using Snake in January and I sucked. Hes an S tier. I kept trying and trying because I thought his moves were fun. Eventually Id say In pretty decent. I eventually got 5.6 Million GSP out of 5.9 Million (based off today). I use Ryu in Street Fighter 4, because I know Ryus moves already, so I use him too. Dante and Chris from MVCI because they are fun 😂. Heihachi from Tekken. Cole from PSAS. I use a character because I like the character and because they are fun. I dont mind their tier. Luckily compared to my peers, friends, and everyone Id say im doing just fine. Love playing games, its just my stress reliever 😂
Comment from : Emilio Espinoza

Saw MK clicked
Mk the best and real fighting game

Comment from : Kabalin

I think this is the reason why rash in killer instinct has probably been my best ever character in fighting games of all time and I have done best ranked wise several times better than any game, I just love rash's zany personality, his IDGAF attitude and his visually obscene moves, plus I loved playing battle toads on my dads dot-matrix gameboy when I was younger. I did not consider balance at all when I picked rash. He just fit on me perfectly, and watching this video confirmed something I didn't know why I picked him. Cheers again core-a!
Comment from : BaaldEagle

How to choose your main character with 3 simple steps:
1) Look cool
2) Moves cooler
3) Is Juri or Cammy

Comment from : Lima

Albert Zhang
Shang tsung, and that woody guy in tekken.
Comment from : Albert Zhang

Pac Man
Tekken: Martial Law
Mortal Kombat: Raiden
Dead or Alive: Jan Lee
Naruto Storm: Rock Lee/Might Guy
Brawlhalla: Orion
Smash Brothers: Link/Ness
Jump Force: Yusuke
Any Dragonball: Vegeta
Street Fighter: Ken/Guile
Soul Caliber: Maxi
Virtual Fighter: El Ray

Comment from : Pac Man

i pick isabelle because she's so adorable and most people feel bad about beating her up
im inside your head from before the game starts

Comment from : shammy

The Jay-Mez Station
For the upcoming Shovel Knight Showdown, I don’t know who I’m going to main. I loved treasure knight in the story, but I don’t know if he’s who I want to play due to his heavy and slow play style.
Comment from : The Jay-Mez Station

Miguel Mialichi
You could make a video not only about fighting games but also class based games such as overwatch paladins and tf2
Comment from : Miguel Mialichi

I downloaded tekken 7 and picked up Law... Why? For the same reason I picked up fei long in sf2 turbo.
Comment from : Gachapen

I only play RYU because his moveset is embedded in the back of my brain.
Comment from : TidyThePyromaniac

I main Sakura cos she's cool as hell and it's fun to beat up my friends with a girl xD
Comment from : dr4gonsl4yer786

Jet Kavanagh
I main Chun li
Comment from : Jet Kavanagh

Leftfield Larrikin
If you want get good at a game learn the whole cast
Comment from : Leftfield Larrikin

Кирилл Шадрин
I main Alessi in HFTF because he is funny
Comment from : Кирилл Шадрин

I always chose the muay thai fighters. Please, tekken 7, bring Bruce back.
Comment from : Fairplay

ricky moala
Mario, Bowser and Shulk Mains please stand up!
Comment from : ricky moala

willie schmidt
I play every character and then once I see who I do the best with, I learn them
Comment from : willie schmidt

TeMarion Marshall
Random Select: Allow me to introduce myself
Comment from : TeMarion Marshall

yoshihiro TPA Gamer 667
SMasH iS nOT a FIGhTinG GAmE...”
Comment from : yoshihiro TPA Gamer 667

Keyon Swagg4
Mvc3 music 2:27 is FIREE
Comment from : Keyon Swagg4

- NicDood -
Ken, that’s because he’s colored red/white.
Comment from : - NicDood -

30,000 subs?!
You came a long way my friend
Honestly I think you deserve over 1 Million Subs

Comment from : Duchi

watchesalot Sir
Mk 11 Kung Lao. I know he is a low tier character with very easily punishable string but I can make him work and I like that cooky personality about him.
Comment from : watchesalot Sir

Tony Montes-lopez
Thank you for including skullgirl ❣❣❣❣❣❣
Comment from : Tony Montes-lopez

cursed_boi bruh
The way I pick my main character(even though I end up maining most of the roster)

1: if he or she has scars or doesn't talk (Tekken franchise:Dragunov)
2:if he or she is evil or has evil intentions
(SF franchise:Akuma)
3:if he or she is in a 3D game
(All Tekken characters)
Final:if she has big cups then I'm all in!!!

Comment from : cursed_boi bruh

Dustin Provost
I almost exclusively play Cloud in smash. Yeeting people off that slab of steel is incredibly satisfying.
Comment from : Dustin Provost

chonza fuentes
I like to smash buttons so the way I choose characters are:
1) fast characters or with a lot of techniques
2) fast combos or weird resources
for example, in SFV I main ibuki, juri, menat or karin

Comment from : chonza fuentes

Thomas Herbst
I kind of picked my Blazblue Centralfiction main by getting my ass handed to me, I was playing online and a guy playing Terumi strung move after move together and deleted my life bar, he almost perfected my ass, I played him a lot before because a lot of his attacks looked really cool, but after seeing what that character could do I decided my main right then and there.
Comment from : Thomas Herbst

Duwane Stulo
Mortal Kombat X: Tanya in her Dragon Naginata variation. I love her staff stance, she's kinda good looking (that doesn't really matter) and I love her story.
Comment from : Duwane Stulo

Nu A
I always choose who look like Bruce Lee dat is all
Comment from : Nu A

I usually pick the character that's the main of the series but now I go by who is fun to play and for some strange reason I have chose Incineroar as my main in Smash Ultimate.

He's just really fun to play as for me and only makes me want to be better with him.

Comment from : Chaos1091

He: says personality
Screen: Lucky Chloe

I mean 👀👀👀

Comment from : ThyGhøstyGhøst

mega leo
Why I pick a character:
1: how cool it looks
2: that's it... from then on I make it work for me

Comment from : mega leo

bless up
I really love characters that are the protagonists of the story. for tekken i got kazuya and SF i got akuma lol
Comment from : bless up

Came here to see some DOA content and was left confused to why DOA S not represented in this video
Comment from : LW

Remember rangchu before choosing your character
Comment from : JUST GAME IT MAN

Matthew Herman
Yang, Krillin, Noelle, Chipp Zanuff, Terry, Cesar, Ken, Milleena, Kung Lao, Bob, Kilik, K’, And King. Both kof and tekken. Oh yeah, and Riptor, Seth, and Steve.

That’s just half, but yeah those are the ones that fits. Should be able to tell how I play just from that list.

Comment from : Matthew Herman

vedant gurung
My first main in tekken is julia(i normally choose characters with less involvement in game and that too without any knowledge) ..... Following is wang (because their movesets are similar) .....
Comment from : vedant gurung

James Doyle
watches video
Bardock, GT Goku and Kid Buu it is then

Comment from : James Doyle

Rene Antillon
What game is the character select screen from at 3:16?
Comment from : Rene Antillon

If Squigly isn't an option... Next cutest character.
Comment from : Bearbumxx

LaVar Green
My mains:

Capcom - Ken Masters, Nash, Elena
SNK - Ryo, King, Blue Mary, Galford, Basara, Rock

SSB - Link, Sheik
Tekken - Jin, Kazuya, Paul
MK - Scorpion, Cyrax
VF - Jackie

Comment from : LaVar Green

HeroOf time
I’m actually having a lot of fun playing as adult/young link in smash ultimate. As well as ganondorf
Comment from : HeroOf time

Bruva Galathos
My main: Geralt of Rivia (SoulCalibur VI)

-Relatively mundane weapon in a fictional setting with far more outlandish swords
-The way he moves in combat is definitely one of the far more faithful guests in the Soul Series
-The fact you can use his style in custom characters is one of the biggest contributors to my personal bias
--Probably the most appropriate style for Touhou Project's Aya Shameimaru

Comment from : Bruva Galathos

Hyper Kabuto
When u try to main the Mishima but u cant even do electrics
Comment from : Hyper Kabuto

Calder White
LTG always plays low top tier characters
Comment from : Calder White

It took me few switches to find the character that fit like a glove.
It's Fei Long. Choosing this character changed a lot about me. I don't know how, but I developped an interest in martial arts. I got into eating and overall living healthy, and it doesn't feel like a short hype caused by puberty, I've been like this for almost over a year, just because of spotting that guy in Street Fighter II and thinking "Hey, this guy reminds me of someone."

Comment from : Cakenja

Hap Gamer
I play isabel in Smash
Comment from : Hap Gamer

Vanta Sheep
I play mii gunner because I’m kinda quirky
Comment from : Vanta Sheep

Vanta Sheep
You suffer wins when you win too much, like Mkleo. Those ppl are actually toxic fr, don’t be a mad hoe because someone is killing it in life. Leo deserves the wins
Comment from : Vanta Sheep

Just choose the weirdest one
Comment from : Ajavisk

Tiers r 4 queers
Comment from : crawlingninjabear

Unknown Legend
1. Choose random.
2. If bad at character, random again.
3. If good, main.
In MHOJ, I have a dank airgrab infinite with Ochacho.

Comment from : Unknown Legend

Frost Yamaki
Well when it comes to UNIST i main Vatista or Hyde
Comment from : Frost Yamaki

Simon Deser
"Women are not as strong", the sexism is too high for me, especially when you talk about Chun-Li, the girl with the strongest thighs in ST
And it's not even based on character at this point, it's based on gender, so male characters are stronger than female characters ? fuck that sexist developer
Shame on that man, women are not weak lmao

Comment from : Simon Deser

vegeta good family man will to get stronger gokus rival. respect.
Comment from : qwertyman459

Fujoshi Sonata
Me : Is it cute? is it hard? cute movesets? YES BRIDGET
Comment from : Fujoshi Sonata

TrueBlue AoV
I like CC and gap closing in games.
Comment from : TrueBlue AoV

Spearforce 92
Which I mained?
Ken and Terry
Only because of their HOT fighting style

Comment from : Spearforce 92

Because im too stupid to learn the combos i pick a character that has easy moves usually a fighter character or something that mid range attack
Comment from : brainman67

Degenerate weeaboo
I play waldstien and tager because "the bigger the better" are words I live by
Comment from : Degenerate weeaboo

tray pendland
Really luv how you used that theme from MMX5. it was too good for it's time
Comment from : tray pendland

Gio Du
I'm kinda late but I just want to say who I main lol.
I used to main Honda cause he's kind and strong but now I'm trying to switch to Akuma cause he's bad ass and a hard trainer

Comment from : Gio Du

Nathan Rodriguez
In street fighter, I main Akuma with my secondary being Cammy or Sakura (given availability)

In Tekken I main Alisa with my secondary being Kazuya. Unless its Tekken 3, then its Jin and Brian.

I tend to pick characters that look cool and have moves that I can understand.

Comment from : Nathan Rodriguez

freyzer B.Castro
This is how I do it
"Oh my god she looks so cute"

Comment from : freyzer B.Castro

Dennis Dombrowski
Lee in Tekken. I have always mained him And always will
Comment from : Dennis Dombrowski

bear shaped potted plant
suffering a win is a really interesting concept to me
shoutouts to smile

Comment from : bear shaped potted plant

Florin Ruja
Big Band, because let's have a character whose almost every move is a fucking musical instrument
Comment from : Florin Ruja

Lovro Markovič
4:27 he sounds like an anime villian
Comment from : Lovro Markovič

Luke Jenkins
Yeah,i play Chun-li because of her legs
Comment from : Luke Jenkins

Dark Horse
I tend to be attracted to characters I suck at and good with characters I have no interest in or considered.

Team Fortress II early 2000s. I could not wait to try The Spy and The Sniper. I was bad to the point of being useless. Looked at The Heavy, too big of a target and too slow. "No chance in Hell Ill do much damage." I said to myself. Guess who was my main?

WOW early 2000s, the Shadow Priest was love at first sight. I was so bored I stopped. 2019, I picked a Warlock and said to myself "What the fuck was I thinking!?"

And now we have Street Fighter. Early 2000s. I'll give you the recap.

Balrog: God damn it 3
Vega: second charge, are you
Blanka: Insane?
Guile: Only two moves?
Ryu: Too basic
Ken: Ryu copy
Akuma: sigh
T Hawk: incoherent rambling
Ryu: sign Fine, I choose you.

Years later
Fei Long: Wow, he's pretty badass. Wonder why I never picked him?

We all can't be perfect.

Comment from : Dark Horse

Nikolas Ioakimidis
I play Tekken and i main a character that i LOVE his design but his playstyle is so offense, the exactly opposite of mine....
Comment from : Nikolas Ioakimidis

OhNo Knux
Zero Virus theme made me piss my pants lol
Comment from : OhNo Knux

Killswitch [the Deactivator]
I usually end up with a "weird" character or an old man. They often go hand in hand too and it works for me.

Examples of weird and old are Jinpachi, Voldo, Xanadu and Baraka.

Comment from : Killswitch [the Deactivator]

Andreas 444
I only enjoy Tekken,Mortal Kombat and Skullgirls.
My mains in each series are:
Tekken: Kazuya
Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero
Skullgirls: Valentine
I play mostly casually tho.
EDIT: I also enjoy DOA,but I don't have a main in that game yet.

Comment from : Andreas 444

Ken Masters
Comment from : ETHAN PAUL

I Main Bruce irvin in tekken till tekken 7 then in tekken 7 i just go with Jocie cuz her style is kinda like Bruce but still waiting for that Bruce dlc one day
Comment from : ReDDuX YTT

El Canal De Más
1)find a tier list
2)use the character that is at the final

Comment from : El Canal De Más

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