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Simon XDgamer
I think the hardest thing about fighting game is about the combo and the frustration that u miss the combo and get bodied.
Comment from : Simon XDgamer

Oliweg Isaac
I subbed
Comment from : Oliweg Isaac

Irishstile Perryman
7:38, So beautiful!
Comment from : Irishstile Perryman

I have an incredibly tiny penis, but,
No nigga, it isn't because the game was easy (regardless of it being on hardest)it's because your cousin is asian.
Comment from : I have an incredibly tiny penis, but,

jason solis
i think you really dont take into consideration that most casuals dont exactly like getting shit on constantly in online play to try and learn the game
Comment from : jason solis

Terry Bogard from smash is an incredibly hard character with complicated inputs and thus terrible character design because knowing how to use inputs is cheating as the only people who can do them are oldies who in the past played on old arcade fighting games.


Comment from : Harb0r

Captain Wobbuffet
I swear the hardest thing in fighting games is getting that Buster Wolf input in SSBU. You have to do it pretty slowly or it just ends up registering as Power Dive or Power Geyser (somehow). And then when I do get it on the fifth try it always gets shielded because that’s the one time my opponent decided to try and defend.

I don’t even think doing the input is hard, I just think the system recognizing it is finicky.

Comment from : Captain Wobbuffet

Dustin Provost
You are not going to get good at anything without failing or losing A LOT.

Best thing to do is find a game you enjoy to play even when losing.

Comment from : Dustin Provost

Winston Bergseid
I play smash mainly (Ooooh look a baaaby). I believe the hardest part is ming games; which just happens to be my specialty
Comment from : Winston Bergseid

Tim Richard
The EC video isn't talking about helping players get to "high level". They're just saying games need to explain the basics better. People who don't have the dedication right off the bat to reach Evo never even reach a point where they realize how good the games can be and develop that kind of interest in the first place. It's like asking someone to play rock paper scissors by putting out a closed fist over and over. They don't even know what the game is.
Comment from : Tim Richard

:/ I just finally beat SF4 on normal and it took me over an hour. More time if you count the times I tried in the past.
Comment from : darkblur101

0:35 tbh he just cheesed the ai
Comment from : redvoltron

0:26 of course, he is asian
Comment from : Fairplay

yeahyeahyeah yeah
The hardest thing about fighting games is smashing that send button to developers asking them to nerf everything you can't do/beat
Comment from : yeahyeahyeah yeah

Robert Tallafer
The best way to learn is to go against skilled players, but that is only after you have got the basics down. It's insane to expect a person to do well if they are put in an NBA game when they have barely dribbled a ball in their life which is why fighting game companies should invest in quality tutorials for their games and make them fun if they can.

People who think the only thing you need to get better is to play against good players are outliers who are good at getting the sense of the game through gameplay alone, most people need to train and practice skills separately to get better.

Comment from : Robert Tallafer

Can't do ◀▶
Comment from : LUGARD BOY

The hardest thing in fighting games is teaching your mom how to play.
Comment from : Exiled

Vegeta Briefs
I'd say that Dragon Ball FighterZ is the perfect gateway into the fighting game genre since you don't need to perfect all those semi-quarter clockwise zigzag reverse cancel joystick inputs to actually preform a singular special move, the depth comes from chaining a bunch of different special moves together.
Comment from : Vegeta Briefs

Check out vman channel he show you how easy it is
Comment from : Rock

Hardest thing about fighting games is when you are having a bad day and a loosing streak, and you finally are winning a game and the guy rage quits at the last moment
Comment from : MrGatsu1998

Cloud Shadow
The fighting game iam good at is super smash bros and I try to play King of fighters but when I put in the super move it’s like it doesn’t count but it will work sometimes I just need more practice at KOF
Comment from : Cloud Shadow

Guido Menting
The reason I myself never got into fighting games is because they are so complicated. Facing people without actually button mashing means getting killed in a timespan of 10 seconds without really knowing what is happening.(a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea). Most if not all the people I faced online when I played an online game always seemed to know what they were doing so I stood no chance against them, it made me feel like there are no new people in the genre and everyone playing is a veteran.
I never understand what they did and why it was effective I pretty much learned nothing from the experiences. I've tried to get used to some characters by learning some combo's which is another beats in and off it's own which in my opinions games themselves do not teach you in the slightest.
It's not that I do not enjoy fighting games but it feels like to get good at them I pretty much need to go to school to learn a character and not get bodied by everyone. This in return makes me feel like to get any fun out of a fighting game, it should be all I play since casual play does not seem to be a thing in fighting games(in my experience). Everything I saw so far about fighting games is always talking about being competitive and playing in tournaments(which I'm 90% sure my area does not have) which again would mean a massive massive commitment.

TLDR: Gave the genre a chance but the sheer difficulty of getting into it pushed me away repeatedly.

Comment from : Guido Menting

all your cousin did was spam😂
Comment from : 2kWrlds〽

Love Machine
my biggest problem is that i get to nervous and forget some of my inputs and yeah nervousness all around just ruins me.
I kinda wanna try getting good at guilty gear 2020 when it releases as it looks really fucking good. I adore their artstyle

Comment from : Love Machine

Sparky Barth
The hardest thing is the lingo. Tutorials are filled with technical terms I can't understand. Damn it.
Comment from : Sparky Barth

Sota Steelwing
Hardest for me is figuring out how to learn how to improve and identify mistakes and finding motivation to keep playing after getting crushed over and over that I end up dropping the controller.
Comment from : Sota Steelwing

i find it hard to lose against an online player where i thought i was better. obviously i was not better, but i felt my style was. my opponent was raw. so from this I learn that being good means to adapt quickly to any different style. and every fight is progress, more or less.
Comment from : Matthias0000

Jung Munie
The hardest part of a fighting game is realizing that it's not about winning but having fun. I found this out recently and funnily enough I've been winning more often. But at the very least it's not about winning. If winning is secondary then you'll git gud. Probably.
Comment from : Jung Munie

Jo Umbra
The hardest thing is probably having a good online connection, except maybe for skullgirls if you know how to config the delay XD
Comment from : Jo Umbra

Goot Poot
I hate playing fighting games because I can’t feel like I won. If I lose, I lost. If I win, it’s because the other person has a bad game. If I win again, they’re having a bad day. If they aren’t having a bad day, I’m better than them, but if I’m better than them they must be terrible. And if I’m one step above terrible, I’m still terrible. I’ll play online and have a 75% chance of being dunked on by a move spamming try hard or a skilled veteran who’s been playing this franchise since he was in diapers, and then a 25% chance of fighting against someone who just got the game half an hour ago and is currently playing while arguing with a sibling over who’s turn it is with the PlayStation. It’s no fun to win because it feels unearned and it’s no fun to lose because my opponent was probably bored fighting me.
Comment from : Goot Poot

Daniel Nolan
2:22 "I don't think it's a problem if it's not necessary to be good at the game" then why have it in, you just want it nerfed untill its a nonfactor. Why the half measure? If you nerf it to the point it can be painlessly removed than whats the point?
Comment from : Daniel Nolan

Daniel Nolan
I don't like there to be a chance my character does not do what I intend, pretty sure that's why skyward sword has it's reputation. I don't care if it's tied to skill, it's still annoying all the same
Comment from : Daniel Nolan

The problem with fighting games is that they are designed with arcade sticks in mind.

ethan xiao
I think it's hard(for example: Shadow Fight3)
Comment from : ethan xiao

5:55 that sounds like a terrible way to learn. Just going somewhere and getting destroyed doesn’t help you learn.
Comment from : Xirbtt

Bodhi Black
The hardest part for me is that every fuckin game insists on relabeling the buttons differently and expects me to remember them. While only explaining everything with their own specific labels. And I'm the kind of person who only spends a week or two on one game and rotates to a different one.
Comment from : Bodhi Black

Paul Castillo
The hardest thing is when someone asks "Are you okay?" while being 3 stocked.
Comment from : Paul Castillo

They’re not hard, people are just retarded
Comment from : C

Evil Koala
The game is expensive and niche.
Online experience is very unforgiving adding to the factor that there's very little player base.
Finding a decent Peer to Peer connection with someone is near impossible, depending on the country too.
How about Street Fighter Alpha 4 as free to play?
They can surely add some micro-transaction in between

Comment from : Evil Koala

"Spamming fireballs"
It's called zoning.

Comment from : Alex

Drab Majesty
Simplification ruins fighting games ruins them.
Comment from : Drab Majesty

RoundUp BBQ
Hardest part is having fun when you start out. I personally play brawlhalla (only thing my laptop will run xd) and button mashing is so effective it can get you so high up the ranks... I play without button mashing (or spamming as brawlhallers call it) and get bodied. It takes away the fun. No feeling of accomplishment. But I don’t give up.
Comment from : RoundUp BBQ

Seto Senco
laughs in Smash

realizes Ryu, Ken, and Terry


Comment from : Seto Senco

Hambúrguer nintendista
Bc yes
Comment from : Hambúrguer nintendista

Matt Glover
Ive never played any game that feels as clunky as a fighting game
Comment from : Matt Glover

ok boomer
Comment from : Elactix

Hardest thing is getting beat up by a better player, but it’s worth it, I love fighting games like DBZ where you can tell the opponent how you feel, with emoticons. Of course my favorite is. YOUR STRONG. But one day I’m sure I’ll be at the receiving end, it’s all in good fun :)
Comment from : SleekGoose

Kadetha Alvez
The hardest is, combo. Yes i'm a noob. Still 4h playtime in tekken 7
Comment from : Kadetha Alvez

Ronan Elliott
I don’t think I’ve ever played a normal fighting game (maybe like once at a friends house), but looking from the outside, I’m not sure I get the appeal behind the gameplay/mechanics. It always looks as though skill in the game is less “can you read your opponent/plan your attacks best” and more “can you do the 12-button hand-contorting combo necessary to perform a basic attack”.

Like — WTF? Why would you deliberately make your controls hard to input? Would chess be a better game if you had to make a Naruto hand sign every time you wanted to move a piece?

This is obviously coming from a total outsider, but if you’re wondering why people find it hard to get into fighting games, there’s my reason.

Comment from : Ronan Elliott

Practice doesn’t make perfect

Practice makes Progress

Comment from : iRobot15O6

I can learn the basic controls to any other genre of video game inside of one hour. Fighting game developers need to get their act together and realize that making a game easy to learn isn't the same as dumbing it down.
Comment from : Mister86TV

The hardest thing about fighting games is when you fight someone that can’t even play properly
Comment from : xxxShadowBeastxxx

ASMR Tech Support
Fighting games ain't hard for the most part its because people are too lazy to learn them... admittedly blazblue was pretty tough to master though
Comment from : ASMR Tech Support

Dumb Drawings
The hardest part for me when I played street fighter 5 was getting the guts to play online, which I never really did as I wasn’t very into the game. I did get the guts in killer instinct tho
Comment from : Dumb Drawings

Javier Zelaya
Hardest thing about fighting games to me is learning the terminology and how to apply it.
Comment from : Javier Zelaya

ilia katritch
There's not enough people playing fighting games.
What about tutorials to draw people in?
No, everyone just a wimp, you need to take your lumps and earn your fighting game scars to enjoy this game.
Mmmmmm, i think i'd rather just play something else then.
Why is no one playing fighting games!

Comment from : ilia katritch

this video summarized:
This shit is tough because it's supposed to be. Toughen up, or get out.

Comment from : XX XX

Ryan Cook
CPU characters that read your button inputs and react faster than your character can, so you have to resort to cheap cpu manipulations to win that would never work against a human opponent (i.e. Mortal Kombat 2... jump backwards and attack when the cpu jumps towards you)
Comment from : Ryan Cook

Emerald Blaziken
Comment from : Emerald Blaziken

Christian Córdova Villalobos
The problem is people dont want to invest tons of hours to learn how to play a game.
Comment from : Christian Córdova Villalobos

Honestly this makes a lot of sense to me even if most of my experiences have probably been with a completely different game to others here.
Comment from : Azar

For me it’s just the idea of having to learn so much about a character and there abilities and then putting it all together especially when comes to games that add 1-2 other characters on a team to fight
Comment from : Zoro_

Bruce Vial
Pressing start at the beginning is tough
Comment from : Bruce Vial

Ristyan yesf
as long as I score 2 rounds against my opponent i'm fine with loosing
Comment from : Ristyan yesf

Mike Brolly
The hardest thing for me has always been stringing together combos. Im half decent at positioning, but my timing is garbage ^^;
Comment from : Mike Brolly

Lucas andres megamanrsco
I remover the experiences in a figthing game AND i use it un other figthing game
Comment from : Lucas andres megamanrsco

Star Wars Kid
Comment from : Star Wars Kid

Hugo Sigil
I've personally never run into a supportive fighting game player. They just want their ego stroked as they body you into the floor when you're a new and have no clue what you're doing.
Comment from : Hugo Sigil

tbh, I think the psychological barrier has alot to do with it. People don't want to put in the effort to get better because that involves a ton of losses. I never get why folks get so salty about losing - I've been playing SFIV for 10yrs and I still lose a third of my matches online - it's always my own fault, or I'm just not as good. Losing to a better player is way more interesting and fun than winning against a lackluster opponent!
Comment from : workoutfanatic787

I have tried a bunch of fighting games out and no matter how long I try to play characters I still never feel satisfied because I know there is much more to do.
Comment from : MusouSteven

Sans The Skeleton
Try so switch on easy mode
Comment from : Sans The Skeleton

Is zangboy day wryyyy
Comment from : Asainvasion

Joseph Richardson
I would like to know what song is in the background
Comment from : Joseph Richardson

Magos Explorator Adeon
The main thing of fighting games why it's hard is not the controls, it's the mechanics sure you can train your hand to have a consistent input but the main thing about fighting games is the meta itself, it's like chess but you only have less than a second to react about the inputs your opponent makes.
Comment from : Magos Explorator Adeon

Angel Guo
This is why smash bros is so good. It has simple controls everyone can learn, it’s about skill but just about how good ur fingers are
Comment from : Angel Guo

Tilani Taliarin
the hardest part is to have hope that you can win another person xP
Comment from : Tilani Taliarin

i have been playing naruto shippuden uns 4 in a gaming cafe for like a month and losing to most of the players until i became so good that no one wants to play against me other than the best player there, the cafe is you lose you pay kind, and my uncle owns it so i play for free, but anyone who beats me gets out without paying, now i scared all of them and the only one who challenges me is the best player, he always wins (playing like 20 or more games for free) until i learned how to beat him and he now plays 5 or 6 games ( depends on how much money he brought, and how many times he beat me) and i felt like the best being the only one there capable of making him pay
Comment from : ً

Getting noobs to not give up on competetive smash whenever I tell them that they are... casuals.
Comment from : Mine!

Aj Patterson
I think that in the case of jojoba hftf and smash bros is adaptions
Comment from : Aj Patterson

Guilty gear is Very hard systems.
and first Dalkstalkers game is hardest fighting game ever.

Comment from : mimuraF

I think the hardest part, at least for me has been overcoming the part when you are mindlessly pressing the buttons and then go into rationally choosing the plays and executing them. But I wholeheartedly agree that in order to get into fighting games you need to overcome the barrier of being afraid of losing and even being humiliated. Nobody starts at the top.
Comment from : mrpinguimninja

Fong Thao
A fighting game teaches you how to attack, block, perform combos, and other mechanics of the game. It mostly focuses on teaching you offense, but rarely/no focus on defense. You may have learned how to deplete your opponents’ health bar, but if you go up against someone with better defense and/understanding of the game then you’ll be the one with a depleted health bar. Which is a problem with so many beginners; they hate/forget about having to be on the defensive side of the fight.
Comment from : Fong Thao

Josh Sumner
10k subs LUL
Comment from : Josh Sumner

DekuShrub 99
As you mentioned, a big problem is the generally toxic communities fighting games have. I like Smash Bros because the people there are much friendlier and of all skill levels.
Comment from : DekuShrub 99

DekuShrub 99
Spam a certain move that is broken.
Comment from : DekuShrub 99

The hardest parts of fighting games are special moves and fighting god tier characters. I quit Necro in Street Fighter 3rd strike to fight as Yun!
Comment from : 1Robkip

1ces0n1c icesans
The hardest thing in most fighting games is combo moves (that moves that will activate after you do a combo of button presses)
Comment from : 1ces0n1c icesans

Star Platinum
I just realised this. Zangief's Japanese voice actor is the same as Dio's
Comment from : Star Platinum

The hardest thing for me is stick to it and not give up on the way
Comment from : BlackIMoon

Link the gamer
I think the hardest thing isn't inputting the commands as it is the movements, because the movements are what can trip ya up.
Comment from : Link the gamer

How quick rhe moves and combos go and how many there are to remember is what I think are the most difficult aspects.
Comment from : Leto85

Lorenzo Friz
What makes you really salty is the one vs one, if (for exempla) you were to play for honor in duel mode and then in assault (teams) you'd probably notice
Comment from : Lorenzo Friz

Having the technical skills floor being as high as it is, to the point of some games either requiring that you literally only play that one game all the time and/or own a fightstick to make inputs easier, is also what holds a ton of people back. Why should they have to burn another $80 on a new controller or turn practice into a job just to get to the skill floor, let alone to be "competitive"? I play fighting games, I'm only OK at them, but at least I generally sort of know what I'm doing, but it's only because I started playing them in middle school and had a ton of free time to just grind away at learning how to play BlazBlue as my first back when CT came out. If I hadn't spent so much time back then and just tried to learn it now in my twenties, there's no way I'd get into them.
Comment from : Cheezmonka

I think games really should add a tutorial mode. Because getting good requires you to actually KNOW the game. When I played street fighter 4, I had no idea how to combo, what moves link to what, what an attack cancel is, and I can't get good at something I don't know. That's why I enjoyed games like tekken 5, extremely hard but all the moves are right infront of you, you just have to learn execution
Comment from : Molham

I find games should be entertaining easy and a stress reliever. I don't have a problem with people who love these games and play hard games, I myself have grinded on harder games before like dark souls for example. I just hate people who have an attitude problem and say I'm trash cause I enjoy certain type of games. If that because I'm not in the mood for super difficult games. I game after work if I want my games to be easy or hard it's my choice I paid for them. I don't give a fuck if some salty kid thinks I'm a real gamer or not. I could care less what incels online think. Lol jk. 😂
Comment from : L4Disillusion

An actual informative unbiased video that's not annoying or full of toxic ego bullshit.
Comment from : L4Disillusion

gary gourley
Honestly something I struggle with is the fighting game community's elitist attitude , I shouldn't let it get to me I know but it can be very disgorging when someone treats me like shit just because they are better than me at one video game , also teabagging gets to me as well and I really struggling with mentally ignoring that and just playing the game , for context I'm only recently starting to really enjoy fighting games and my first game that I play frequently with the goal of getting good at is smash ultimate ( so far so good iv definitely gotten better since it came out and I stay within the 5 million gsp area right now , not that gsp means anything)
Comment from : gary gourley

Thy Wheezer
You have good asmr
Comment from : Thy Wheezer

I think more fighting games like Street fighter need to just come with the control stick because ps4 and xbox layouts are super hard to use(for me at least) when it comes doing z inputs
Comment from : Mykephoon

If you're a beginner at a fighting game, it will take you about a whole month of practicing just to know what the fuck you're doing
In a FPS or MOBA, you can score some lucky kills by just playing for a few hours
That's why fighting games are way less popular than those 2 genres

Comment from : leying

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