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Ahmed Ali
so this mean games use one strong core is better than weak core with multi Threads CPU Cores VS Threads so intel is make for gaming i like that im gamers
Comment from : Ahmed Ali

Witcher 3: still better than console LULW
Comment from : Kiddy

Israel Reis de Souza
Um núcleo do i9 é mais potente que os "8" núcleos do fx 8300
Comment from : Israel Reis de Souza

smitg nd
Where did u buy 1 core?haha
Comment from : smitg nd

Youxun Liu
Next 1 core 8ghz vs 64 core 200mhz
Comment from : Youxun Liu

Thu Ta Oo
gpu on ac odyssey: piece of cake
cpu on ac odyssey: i can't feel my limbs

Comment from : Thu Ta Oo

Alvin Widiawan
many games running start from quad core 2.0GHz should be oke
Comment from : Alvin Widiawan

Of couse one core of i9 9900k would be this powerful this is expected on intel processors but could we expect the same on amd side?
Comment from : JamaisNunca

that GPU tho
Comment from : Tytyd

tiM Deaton
Your ram is insanely overclocked. I thought they just broke the record at 5ghz recently, but your ram is running at over 7ghz
Comment from : tiM Deaton

Awevy xd
Lmao the division is so unplayable with 1 core
Comment from : Awevy xd

At least i have something common with this cpu
Comment from : awake

Joel M
Best cpu ever
Comment from : Joel M

Perfect for old games.
Comment from : unemployed

Shery Kayani
Wtf 1 coreee getting 60fps and 90fps omg
Comment from : Shery Kayani

whats that cpu bro?
Comment from : CROnflaX

Adolf Hitler
bruh 50% faster if u use 2 threads
Comment from : Adolf Hitler

You should have turned off SMT or hyperthreading
Comment from : GamingPCBuilder.com

prakash mehra
Witcher 3 ka background music konsa h ...can you tell me plzzz
Comment from : prakash mehra

Annas Rasheed
Its just like PS4
Comment from : Annas Rasheed

Just_A Random_Guy
the same test on a fx cpu🤣😂
Comment from : Just_A Random_Guy

shanks akagami
Gaming without cpu please
Comment from : shanks akagami

Jeff T
And to think, I somehow suffered through a few hundred hours of Skyrim on a fucking Pentium 4 lol.
Comment from : Jeff T

Mike Tison
Good video
Comment from : Mike Tison

that 2 -6 second time to show settings is .. umm wow.. i shouldn't need to stop the video twice to back track to see the most important setting the resolution that just before 3 starts...
Comment from : simlife445

F100 D
1core 5ghz gpu plz
Comment from : F100 D

candido silva
Crapysoft cpu optimazation at its best.
Comment from : candido silva

Jordan Brown
I'm surprised this is actually working, and relatively well even. However, I've got to say, those 1% and 0.1% lows are horrible. Cringe
Comment from : Jordan Brown

Dirk Meinzer
Octacore 5ghz vs quad-core 3ghz.
Comment from : Dirk Meinzer

Natan Oliveira
My former Pentium 4 has something to say.
Comment from : Natan Oliveira

Minh Dương Thượng
i think that it' depend on the way game programer or game engine work. Mordern game AI need multi-tasking than a heavy single-tasking (so core i3 is enough for almost current mordern games). And the power depend on VGA card (with powerful multi-tasking for graphic tasks)
Comment from : Minh Dương Thượng

Wiliam Miller
How low can the clock speed and to ram go on a i9 9900k the ryzen 3 2200g can go down the 2.3ghz on the clock and 1333mhz ram
Comment from : Wiliam Miller

Arma 3 kh khh...
Comment from : Limbo

try the real 1 core celeron D
Comment from : Greg TECH

Levente Szűcs
man you video fake 1 core lagged not good
Comment from : Levente Szűcs

ac odyssey "am i joke to you"
Comment from : Khaledking

Si Yu Chen
AMD:Alright,alright,you guys want 5Ghz Athlon,don't you?
Comment from : Si Yu Chen

Guille Benítez
Ufff el cuello de botella que genera el procesador
Comment from : Guille Benítez

Alex Ch.
please Windows98 vs GTX1030 non ti
Comment from : Alex Ch.

Alex Ch.
yea now i will overclock my pentium 4 from year 2000 @5ghz
Comment from : Alex Ch.

vrushabh patil ➊
I could hear cpu crying noises :'(
Comment from : vrushabh patil ➊

Trần Văn Anh Kiệt
5 core 1 ghz intel 15th gen
Comment from : Trần Văn Anh Kiệt

PC Gspot
Thank God we have Intel k model CPUs
Comment from : PC Gspot

Marcos Rodríguez González
1 core and infinite threads
Comment from : Marcos Rodríguez González

Hương Trần
Better than my dualcore ;(((
Comment from : Hương Trần

It is still better than my shit laptop😂😂
Comment from : THE RANDOM KOREAN

Donald Nemesis
Next -1 core 10ghz
Comment from : Donald Nemesis

FSX player, here. Welcome to my world. :(
Comment from : turbofanlover

David Devas
Thats because it only needs 1 core and its a 9900k try an athlon
Comment from : David Devas

Ultra Joe
Comment from : Ultra Joe

Elvis Chibundu
And yet they said quad core is not enough In 2019 😑
Comment from : Elvis Chibundu

Please do 1 core 4 GHz vs 4 cores 1 GHz xD
Comment from : AdisDasRadieschen

Comment from : SeacryBlastsAloT

Read the damn description people.... He said is 1 core with 2 threads (1 core - HT/SMT on).
If it was 1 core with 1 thread, the games wouldn't even start.

Comment from : SicraN

Dr. Halayqeh
AC od is from different dimension.
Comment from : Dr. Halayqeh

Jonathan Ryan
0 fps freezes...

That brings back memories.

Comment from : Jonathan Ryan

hidden man
1 core 40 ghz vs 8 core 5 ghz please
Comment from : hidden man

Lps енот
games use threads, not cores, and there are two threads
Comment from : Lps енот

Or best pc for starcraft2 in 2019?
Comment from : 卢安东

could you test core 1 2 4 8 12 in game starcraft2 at 2019 ???
Comment from : 卢安东

This is wat would be the new i9 9900K if AMD didn't come with ryzen😜
Comment from : KeLoKe

Pretty sure this pc is not just running one one cpu for everything.
Comment from : someonesomewhere

Alrabla Jakar
Next Single Core and 800Mhz, Plaese.
RTX 2060 Change to GTX 750Ti.
it was very good. :)

Comment from : Alrabla Jakar

Next 69 cores 420 thread at 1337MHz plz
Comment from : TheTarTarus

Rahul Raj
Next time 5.6ghz no core but 1 thread
Comment from : Rahul Raj

my eyes can only see one core.
Comment from : Mariachi153

neema saraswat
Whose going to overclock their celeron???
Comment from : neema saraswat

GeorgiaGals AWPW 2018
Test 1 thousand cores 10 ghz lol
Comment from : GeorgiaGals AWPW 2018

Yeah 1 core of an I9-9900K.
Comment from : Peacemekka

1 000 Cores with 0.5Ghz please
Comment from : G2Mob

Salty Pancake
Watching this on 4 core 1Ghz processor
Comment from : Salty Pancake

Žiga Vodnjov Frelih
for next all 6 cores on 10ghz
Comment from : Žiga Vodnjov Frelih

Actually thats not bad!
Comment from : Tyrian2000

enginesol -
And the RTX 2060 6GB???

Comment from : enginesol -

AdineX 2
1:12 Minecraft dying pig sound?
Comment from : AdineX 2

Echo Benchmarks & Tech
Disabling most cores on high core count cpus leads to high ocs. I can get 5.5 ghz on 2 cores on my 8700k so please test 2 cores at 5.5 ghz and ht on if possible plz
Comment from : Echo Benchmarks & Tech

ofek glik
yo my 1080ti isn't strong enough to my legendary cpu i3-6100
Comment from : ofek glik

Антон Романов
Для мазахистов норм пытка 🤣👍
Comment from : Антон Романов

The Big
Lag ass shit lock 1% and 0,1% fps
Comment from : The Big

vellstation unu
Amazingggg :O
Comment from : vellstation unu

Алексей Корнеев
Comment from : Алексей Корнеев

Cracks exposed!
A single 9900k core is different from a single atom core @ same clock (if that it would ever work) they have very different generations and architectures.
Comment from : Cracks exposed!

i like memes
Please play minecraft with that. minecraft runs on 1 core.
Comment from : i like memes

Single core ....... But i9
Comment from : Sumolizer

Even with a GeForce RTX 2060 6GB you can see its a stutter fest! 3:40 OMG!! OOOOHH! OOOOOOH!!!!! NOOO!!!
Comment from : Warsun

Random Vids
Ok. Thats better than me
Comment from : Random Vids

Still better than my system
Comment from : Dean_LP

Jack Kielsmeier
Eye can not see any faster than 0 fps
Comment from : Jack Kielsmeier

Fausto Miguel Valarezo Sánchez
Smt in Intel processor?
Comment from : Fausto Miguel Valarezo Sánchez

Still bottlenecks less than my
i5 7400.

Comment from : Nachohead

Blade and Soul

Comment from : AnimeT0getherEU

Lik Yan Cheng
more csgo gameplay please
Comment from : Lik Yan Cheng

i have 90 days to change my name
Comment from : i have 90 days to change my name

Prateek Panwar
7 cores: Am I joke to you
Comment from : Prateek Panwar

that wicher ost. what's the name of it
Comment from : Razor

The Last
GTA V online = 18 fps avg
Comment from : The Last

Dσ υ Know мE
12cores 2ghz pls
Comment from : Dσ υ Know мE

my god ac odyssey really struggles
Comment from : Delta

Jacques van Wyk
HyperThreading is enabled, states that Simultaneos Multithreading is enabled in the description.
Comment from : Jacques van Wyk

Jacques van Wyk
In the description you stated that SMT, or basically HyperThreading is enabled.
Thus the i9 is acting like a dual-threaded CPU, not exactly a single core.
I get it, since some of those games would probably not allow a single thread. But it is not exaclty accurate, since SMT does actually increase multithreaded performance, but might decrease DrawCall performance.

Comment from : Jacques van Wyk

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