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Core-A Gaming
Thanks for waiting everyone. I left my job to pursue Core-A Gaming full time, and it took some time to transition my life. 2018 will have more and better videos, and you won't have to wait this long. In the meantime, you can join me in the Core-A Gaming Discord here: discordapp.com/invite/WRkRQF9 Thanks again!
Comment from : Core-A Gaming

Jeremy Smith
Kazama Kiryu....actually he should be in Tekken 8. He needs a story.
Comment from : Jeremy Smith

isaac ramirez
i dont play tekken since Tekken 3, and i dont enjoy to much see tournaments of figthing games, but man Tekken 7 is just amazing to see, the tournaments looks like a good movie of martial art.
Comment from : isaac ramirez

Kiryu from Yakuza for Tekken
Comment from : OctodadUnderstudy

Giygas64 SA1DX4Life
I would love to see Pac-Man or Monkey D. Luffy in Tekken I just wanna see it. Mega Man X would also be pretty epic.
Comment from : Giygas64 SA1DX4Life

Even thought Japan wouldn't like this but let's see how Scorpion's from mk teleport works in 3d
Comment from : Marc

The 3D fighting genre really needs Virtua Fighter back. They were the ones who came up with all the new ideas. VF was the biggest breakaway from the Street Fighter formula the genre ever had. Tekken 7 is an excellent implementation of 2 decades of learned experience regarding what works in 3D fighters, but it isn't really pushing any new boundaries. And I really dislike how dismissive the 2 Namco fighters have become of the throw game. The ability to animate complicated throw animations was a huge part of demonstrating the advantages of 3D graphics.
Comment from : maninredhelm

Majiri Tadakichi
Give us captain falcon in Tekken lol
Comment from : Majiri Tadakichi

Mai in DOA doesn’t even get a mention, ouch.
Comment from : AkiPonDog

justin julian
I’d like to see bowser face off against Kuma, Akuma, Geese, and even Heihachi in Tekken (this is mostly because they’re adding in mostly guest villain characters and Mario with pulsating muscles while cool, would also be jarring)
Comment from : justin julian

just give me Wang Jinrei back, not interested in these crossover characters which will probably never b e in another tekken game again.. seems a waste of time to learn them if they are only gonna be here for this game.
Comment from : porpsi

Nathan Rodriguez
Comment from : Nathan Rodriguez

We want Fulgore for Mortal Kombat 11
Comment from : ermonski

Choke point
I’ve always wandered whether adding jinpachi from tekken 5 would be controversial or not
Comment from : Choke point

Glad you mentioned Virtua Fighter because Closed/Open actually has an effect there.
Comment from : SolidSonicTH

Nikolas Ioakimidis
Gimme baek
Comment from : Nikolas Ioakimidis

Yeah but you can have a closed stance in mortal kombat 9 10 and 11
Comment from : TheRaphGamezN'More

Frost B
Kiryu Kazuma from Yakuza series still not in Tekken despite being a perfect fit for a Tekken game
Comment from : Frost B

I just want tekken tag 3 already. Or for 7 to add a tag fiction. plus all characters like mortal Kombat and tt2 had it ;~;
Comment from : Rekkenze

7:30 imagine how they feel now
Comment from : ELIASFA3

Austin Reed
Maybe also the NRS games (which I can define as a 2.75D fighter due to 3D hitboxes) versus Eastern-style fighters like Skullgirls?
Comment from : Austin Reed

Knack II
namco: releases geese as dlc for tekken

namco: releases terry as dlc for smash
part of the smash fanbase: GRRRR TERRY BAD TERRY UNFAMILIAR
the other part of the fanbase and every body else: SHUT UP YOU DICK TERRY IS COOL

Comment from : Knack II

Hitbox should be encouraged. It allows sidestep inward from crouch.
Comment from : mmmk

blood flowa
3D – 2D = 1D
Comment from : blood flowa

Clemens Cohn
No mention about the gameplay feel? 3D fighters feel more fluid, natural. Less choppy, frame-y. Which is a major difference.
Comment from : Clemens Cohn

Americans' pronunciation of Pacquaio is so awful
Comment from : Livingtree32

Your editing is fantastic.
Comment from : Drew

Anthony Bruno
The main difference is 3d fighters look like shit, and so do the juggles lol
Comment from : Anthony Bruno

chad Angeles
0:46 he used mario reference in sony console thats a big sin
Comment from : chad Angeles

chad Angeles
3d on screen is still 2d
Comment from : chad Angeles

Sub Zero might be cool for a Tekken game
Comment from : Privat

Fabulous the BOSS
Ive always been a 2d fighting game player especially with street fighter mk and smash. I always shoved tekken away. But after shitty sf5 and checking out recent tekken 7 tournaments. The game looks soo good and fun. I want get good at it especially since I’m not familiar with 3D fighters. And it looks like tekken 7 is growing hella big now correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway I’m hyped for it and it looks like the tekken community loves this latest installment into the franchise which is great to see
Comment from : Fabulous the BOSS

Warren Mazengwe
Samurai Showdown II needs to be remastered. That was one of the best 2d games EVER!!!
Comment from : Warren Mazengwe

I just want Kasumi in T7 so we can finally get the DOA vs Tekken brawl we've been waiting for.

Although I don't know how they'd implement the counterhold mechanic into the game, and if they do it'd probably send her skyrocketing to the top...

Comment from : BeeLy1011

Wow now I'm really interested in Tekken
Comment from : Yord

0:46 lmao
Comment from : kefkapalazzo1

Cleo Malone
I'm beyond tired of guest characters invading the Tekken universe. It's time for it to end.
Comment from : Cleo Malone

Hi I play Tekken 7 and i hate Noctis since day 1.
Comment from : yuhihe

Good video but explaining combat sport terms and showing pac and floyd wasnt necessary. Neither was comparing hwoarangs stance switches to real tkd. That info was all irrelevant to the topic.
Comment from : SuB SONiC

I want Mortal Kombat in Tekken.
Comment from : UnknownOrc

Nick Jones
I wanna see Ken Masters in tekken
Comment from : Nick Jones

glass popper
WtF? This 3D is not realistic at all
Comment from : glass popper

noel cruz
As a 2D player hopping onto Tekken, all I have to say is that the Geese is leese.
Comment from : noel cruz

Fai Zee
I want evil ryu (kage) and orochi iori in next season in tekken
Comment from : Fai Zee

Serg Fisherman
I would love to see Liu Kang or Johnny Cage in tekken. Or maybe even Kung Lao.
Comment from : Serg Fisherman

Zwyrx Hgqfyggz
Tekken 7 has King, Armor King, Akuma and Geese Howard.
The only way it could get better is adding Alex/Roger

Comment from : Zwyrx Hgqfyggz

James Nillos
We want Jolibee
Comment from : James Nillos

ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
Tekken the game made out of wood.
Comment from : ЗлатомиР АлександроВ

0:44 I fucking died
Comment from : gamedoc

william xavier
Material de uma qualidade monstruosa, e legendado e pt br , parabéns nunca nem algo que chegue perto a nivel de materiaç aqui no Brasil 😱
Comment from : william xavier

David Marin
Honestly I find 2D fighters harder than 3D fighters maybe cause there is more options in 3D fighter not sure
Comment from : David Marin

Senior Krab
Wave dashing


Comment from : Senior Krab

NEO from matrix in tekken 7
Comment from : awiixo

Superangelo 64
ELiza is from a 2d game?
Comment from : Superangelo 64

Nice video.
Let me give it a like!
Oh Wait seems I've done it before.

Comment from : Silenux

Daraul Harris
I want killik from SC. Or Ivy lmao
Comment from : Daraul Harris

tldr: dont play whorehand
Comment from : TrippyThreat

Danny Mcfabulous
i think i'm going to buy tekken now

is it still worth it?

Comment from : Danny Mcfabulous

Marcus Vasquez
Tekken > Street Fighter
Comment from : Marcus Vasquez

Hlaire Lombat
I almost cried at the tekken 6 ost
Comment from : Hlaire Lombat

Wish granted, now give me Bruce
Comment from : olzarius

Big Wang
Tekken theme song ah nostalgia
Comment from : Big Wang

James Hewitt
2d is fun, and 3d is only fun if you can spam something cheap.
Comment from : James Hewitt

Lmfao that was Mario! Sliding off Lara's cone tit!
Comment from : cmarvel411

Stalin ,exe
Pffffff smash is already really different from traditional 2d fighting games imagine how hard it would be to play a 3d fighting game
Comment from : Stalin ,exe

Artistically No-One
But they did (sort-of) have a character in 2.5D with a missing limb. Baiken from Guilty Gear Xrd. Although the game is made to give the illusion of a 2D fighter so I guess it’s fine.
Comment from : Artistically No-One

The video: full of information about fighting games

Me, a Filipino: PACQUIAOOOOO

Comment from : HopDoneLiftWright

Diego Arellano
Smash soluciono esto haciendo que el personaje de la espalda si cambia de lado, asi los zurdos son zurdos y los diestros son diestros siempre.
Comment from : Diego Arellano

Why not include ufc and boxing games in 3D fighters?
Comment from : ZMM

Base Anonymous.
I think we should see some Digimon or Pokemon characters in Tekken. I mean, Digimon is owned by Namco, if I'm not mistaken, so getting a Digimon character in Tekken 7 shouldn't be too hard to do property wise and with the futuristic feel if Tekken, Digimon would fit seamlessly. And with Pokken, it's been proven that Pokemon can be integrated in a fighting game with some minor hiccups, and I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't mind letting Bandai Namco add a couple of Pokemon to a Switch exclusive for Tekken.

As for what characters I would want, I think using Renamon and Lucario as guest characters as they are the monsters in their respective properties that are more synonymous with fighting, plus, it would be just cool as hell to see Lucario and Renamon duke it out Tekken style. And if we want more ambitious characters, I would say Wargreymon and Charizard since they are literally the faces of Digimon and Pokemon respectively and would do well marketing wise.

Comment from : Base Anonymous.

Čista Fizika
Big Band In Tekken

Comment from : Čista Fizika

DarkStarMinato DarkStarLynx
still wondering why they added Noctis in Tekken
Comment from : DarkStarMinato DarkStarLynx

Too Many Boxes
sidestepping into the left on Mishima’s is the [something]
Comment from : Too Many Boxes

alexis alzate
gracias gran video
Comment from : alexis alzate

potato chip
I kinda wanna see rock Howard or an scal character in Tekken 7
Comment from : potato chip

Mister GeNiN
How about Mortal Kombat fighting concept?
Comment from : Mister GeNiN

Zach Ludolph
Comment from : Zach Ludolph

Cool, thanks. Yu Suzuki, thus, gave us 3D games through Virtua Fighter, not to mention he also gave the world, 3D open world games through Shenmue:-)

Thank you Yu Suzuki-san. Let's also all buy Shenmue 3 as a thanks to Yu Suzuki for giving us, giving us 3D games by making it powerful, through Virtua Fighter.

God bless, Proverbs 31

Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Mustafa ARIK
Where is the video from at 4:03 ?
Comment from : Mustafa ARIK

Firmansyah Putra
I want Alisa but male version of her it could be really cool
Comment from : Firmansyah Putra

Padparadscha Dead
I want blitztank for tekken 7
Comment from : Padparadscha Dead

DeathGod XVII
if only they but gon back :(
Comment from : DeathGod XVII

I've never played a Tekken game before, but watching at the gameplay in this video kind of make me wanted to give it a try though, it looks very fun.
Comment from : Akai

Please add a Russian subtitles
Comment from : Detronix

Daniel Davies
I want Harada to pull out all the stops and give us Captain Falcon in Tekken and somehow make him play like he does in Smash. It'd be impossible, but I can't imagine an inclusion that would be more jaw-dropping.
It'd be impossible, but Sakurai and Harada are geniuses. If Nintendo were to agree in some magical world, and if Harada and Sakurai worked together, they could do it. And the whole world would collectively lose its mind. (Of course we'd probably get Heihachi in Smash for conciliation too XD).

It'd be as crazy as getting Joker from Persona 5 in Smash

Comment from : Daniel Davies

2D > 3D
Comment from : ikagura

Виктор Виктор
7:05 is this a twerk?
Comment from : Виктор Виктор

Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011
That Tekken 5 music brought so many memories
Comment from : Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011

James Flores
Bring back Jun Kazama!
Comment from : James Flores

kamel talaboulma
I think a good Revolver ocelot or a Venom snake withe CQC will match very much
Comment from : kamel talaboulma

Divine Cutz
Tekken is better than MK
Come at me MK Fans

Comment from : Divine Cutz

Surfin Ghoul
Tekken 7 or mk11
Comment from : Surfin Ghoul

The Fussel
I want heihachi in smash bros
Comment from : The Fussel

Sparkle Candie
RIP Roger 😢
Comment from : Sparkle Candie

Jay Middleton
I genuinely believe tekken is objectively the best fighting game. It’s intrinsically superior to all 2D fighters. Better spacing, better mind games, better use of the environment.

And on the subjective side I find it a lot more fun. There’s no footsies, there are sweet combos and juggles, awesome whiff punishing, and side stepping correctly for a good punish feels amazing. I also prefer the side step bob n weave aspect a lot more than the constant jumping of 2D fighters.

And also the lateral buttons. Instead of light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, it feels like you control your characters limbs (because you do). This is a real feeling of connection and allows for intuitive game play. I remember back when I first started playing tekken, I thought “punch punch kick must be a combo” - and for most characters it is. And that helps get you into the game.

That’s why I think it’s also easier for newbies to get into tekken and start feeling good when they win. On the other hand, new 2d fighters are liable to just spam the one move.

Comment from : Jay Middleton

yesterday i saw a final fantasy character fight a street fighter character on a walking dead stage in a Tekken game.
Comment from : janne-K

i've played tekken since tekken 3.
so far my favorite tekkens have been tekken 4 and tekken tag 1.
tekken 5 was a bit weak.....tekken 6 was disappointed and tekken tag 2 continued with the disappointments.
the changes they made to lei were the worst.
havent tried tekken 7 yet.....and not very motivated, specially after watching this video.
lei is life. or thunder dragon warrior....

Comment from : sabin97

All the juggling/combo extending they have added in the Tekken series kinda killed it for me. I also feel that 3D fighters down't give the ability to truly use the 3D space to move like I want to in order to avoid getting hit. Side steps are way to short, you can't turn left or right with your upper body to dodge a punch on the outside/inside + counter like in FIGHT NIGHT or UFC games. But those 2 games I mentioned have their own problems as well as they are not as epic, fun or badass. So I just can't win HAHAH!

Back to Mortal Kombat 11.

Comment from : XDoomriderX

Ive never noticed 😳
Comment from : SMITH SMITH

Tekken x street fighter. And I want eHonda, rufus,blanka, hakan, all the bizarre ones,,
Comment from : Mudshrooze

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