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I feel the EXACT SAME WAY about the stun state in games. I'm not going to hit you if I get you in stun lock. I even do it when fighting the CPU lmao. I want to fight.
Comment from : AndyLeeNR

3:04 i mean can we be real? every fighting game has some character thats completely noob friendly and allows them to be much higher ranked than what they actually are, also in player matches theres nothing worse than someone who only plays to win. if you only play to win and never play to learn it results in more games played to achieve a higher rank. So i think two of those excuses are somewhat valid sometimes.
Comment from : jadonplox

In short: Don't be a Lowtiergod.
Comment from : McElroy

Kyle Hart
I'd like to point out that eye gouging was one of the only illegal moves since the start of time in MMA. Groin kicks and hair pulling would be better examples.
Comment from : Kyle Hart

Black Pen
In Tekken, I'm only salty if my friend use Eddie Gordo or Christie Monteiro, I legit train like saiyans to finally beat that button mashing bastard.
Comment from : Black Pen

well this is a well made video I think the comment section is more interesting with some amazing points that I don't see even touched in video format. (The line between enjoyment and wasting time; the importance of effective communication for the learning process. One thing that really has my attention is the amount of hostility directed at people who don't have the time and means to "play" fighting games but still want to be able to enjoy them. If I wasn't so high i'd try to make some sort of argument on how thee fighting game community and their love for it might be the thing hurting the community by shrinking effective game space.
Comment from : ShadowGunGC

peace out
Comment from : peace out

Lucas Tonon
Non-gaming people will watch this video searching for health tips based on the title xD
Comment from : Lucas Tonon

Fail X
It's funny how salt is so present in games that are the most fair but when someone complains about fairness in other types of games they're just told "git gud" by everyone else.
Comment from : Fail X

Nathan Shivnen
Mega Man x ost so dope
Comment from : Nathan Shivnen

Comment from : schrottinator

Mike Thompson
The scrub lord's prayer??? More like DSPs whole outlook on games.
Comment from : Mike Thompson

I'm sorry but did Sailor Uranus just fucking rainbow drop a fucker after dashing the screen TWICE? Badass man.
Comment from : Ziegrif

I always comeback to this video, it’s too good.
Comment from : Luigidagreen13

The scrublords prayer is me playing Pokemon
Comment from : Gio

The Film Freaks
Salty guy saying "git gud" sent me into a primal rage
Comment from : The Film Freaks

Dallas Bond
This YouTube video is pointless
Comment from : Dallas Bond

Nayyar Rashid
FGC are generally salty about one character or the other character... But this time even the Tekken Community showed a lot of salt over Akuma when Pakistani Players Bilal and Atif mopped the floor with Korean and Japenese players and played the final in Tokyo Masters... As a result of the salt Harada has to succumb to the these salty players and had to dum down Akuma which resulted in these players hardwork into dust as of today at TWT Finals... I have never seen a bigger example of salt ever in the history because it was the same people saying Akuma is not good enough...
Comment from : Nayyar Rashid

What’s the saltiest move I’ve ever done?

I broke my GameCube controller and Joycon over Smash Bro’s Ultimate then sold the Switch afterwards.

Months later, I buy the new Mortal Kombat, not learning my lesson from Smash Ultimate and proceed to sell my Xbox One over online matches.

I still haven’t learned my lesson yet because I’m gonna buy Tekken 7 for the PS4 real soon.

Am I a masochist? Yes.
Do I have an addiction? Yup.
Did I break my DS in half over Pokémon Mystery Dungeon as a kid? Indeed.

Comment from : Savillian

Satsui Nohado
LTG needs to see this video
Comment from : Satsui Nohado

Daniel hall
Adding to my lexicon gets you a sub. LoL 🤣
#ScrubLord shall be reused. LoL 🤣

Comment from : Daniel hall

Kyle Nguyen
@2:44 Did you edit Maximillian_Dood's room into the background?
Comment from : Kyle Nguyen

Captain Wobbuffet
I’m just gonna say it. Hero’s crits are still dumb.

You should die at 25% damage when you make a really dumb choice offstage or you get hit by a move that takes ten years to charge or something of that caliber.

You shouldn’t die at 25% because the other guy just got lucky. And let’s not even get started about Thwack.

Comment from : Captain Wobbuffet

Unregistered Account
But button mashing, you're not doing anything anyway... what's it are you saying that people really don't know or can't learn.
Comment from : Unregistered Account

0:06 Thats a MEATY back air
Comment from : Xtof

Não sou Patriota
Tell me about salt in sf v is higher than STF iv, and why STF iv got more hype than sf V.
Comment from : Não sou Patriota

Comment from : mokkorista

Arthur Alexeev
Sailor Moon S is a great game. Being nearby it shows that every other fighting game is balanced as fuck compared to this
Comment from : Arthur Alexeev

Dustin Provost
Zoning is cheating?! Oh mah gawd who the f!@k actually thinks that holy crap.
Comment from : Dustin Provost

TheAndrewJohnson OfficialMusicChannel
Ah yes Rosa Park’s primal rage
Comment from : TheAndrewJohnson OfficialMusicChannel

No one

Comment from : No one

High Tide 68
What's a Shower???, Melee Players haha, Seriously Nintendo fanboys are Sad pathetic losers who love playing Mario and Zelda a Thousand times
Comment from : High Tide 68

tray pendland

Comment from : tray pendland

andres rodriguez
Playing street fighter on the snes mini
Got me salt as hell

Comment from : andres rodriguez

Gentou The Confused
All the same salt I hear from DSP and LTG.
Comment from : Gentou The Confused

Robert Fierce
Things seem unfair until you find a MORE unfair move to use against the so called skilled player. At which point they get salty and accuse you of the same shit. After going through that enough times even skilled players get salty and take it to the next level like you see on most your videos the pros badmouth the developers. The problem with you associating dirty moves and game bugs with sweet names like fuzzy guard break expands exactly to how the devs thought their game should work. The way a normal player becomes "pro" is by learning how to use the bugged moves and broken moves (like your fuzzy guard break example) and other moves that are slightly more broken like fast attacks with less frames that land most times, against other players most efficiently. It's not a long shot from that point to learn some foresight as well. If playing a game for 10-20 years gets you to a level where you're just considered better cause you saw and recognised the broken moves and then proceeded to use them to your advantage is what it means to be a pro player, then oh boy that must be a boring life to live. In fact that explains exactly why some pro players just quit once a new iteration of a game they play comes out and DOESN'T HAVE their favorite broken moves in. And if they don't quit completely then you see them ranked way WAY lower than they used to. Not because they got bored of playing the game, not because they got older and they just don't have the reflexes they used to. But because the broken moves they're used to abusing, just aren't there anymore.
Comment from : Robert Fierce

jesus, this channel gets too deep. its not even about video games anymore, its about life
Comment from : dayrenist

Jerky Murky
I play alot of shooters and i have found that the scrub lords prayer applies there as well. Holy shit i have no idea how many times i have been told we where being try hards... in fucking comp games. Its competitive, thats the point. You lose, gg and move the fuck on. Boot and rally kid. You being salty says alot more about you then what me winning says about me.
Comment from : Jerky Murky

DarkSydePhil really needs to watch this.
Comment from : NinjaKitsune

What about the effects of pepper?
Comment from : JoelCrafter43

“This “everyone’s a winner” stuff is b*llshit, if you suck you should lose” What a legend
Comment from : Meliodas619

2:56 the only time this happens to me was a day when i was playing mortal kombat 4 with other 2 friends, the one whos not playing disconect my controller lol
Comment from : THE ONE ABOVE ALL

2:00 - Chaos says " don't you dare give this crap"

2:02 - Chaos uses fast power puke

Comment from : THE ONE ABOVE ALL

see the title of the video, came here just to say " salt is the temper of the life"
Comment from : THE ONE ABOVE ALL

Lovro Markovič
so today I learned that there's a cult that worships salt
Comment from : Lovro Markovič

Vlan Doom
So..... Do I count as the kind of guy who doesn't really pay attention to patches as I will play the same guy anyway win or lose?

Because I don't look for patch notes nor do I care.

Comment from : Vlan Doom

Little known fact: Karl Marx was a scrub at fighting games.
Comment from : Alex

Cratian Government
If the game treats you like a standing opponent, shouldn't it think you're blocking high, witch can block jumping attacks?
Comment from : Cratian Government

Ciaran McCann
The answer lies in that you're all a bunch of wankers!
Comment from : Ciaran McCann

David Arlinghaus
Every salt rage I've ever had was playing pokemon. No matter how good you are... probably 10-15% of competitive matches come down to chance.
Comment from : David Arlinghaus

An epic gamer
“Casuals dont want to get steamrolled in a fighting game”
DIO: * hold my 214 aa *

Comment from : An epic gamer

Daniel Pedersen
It sounds like he's saying "expecially" and "excape" sometimes instead of "especially" and "escape", just a little weird.
Comment from : Daniel Pedersen

Jonathan Agosto
I played this sailor moon game with some homies and got some cheap W's never played that shit before
Comment from : Jonathan Agosto

My brother gets salty playing sfv-mk11-smash

Probably cause i teabag 24/7 😉

Comment from : SumDude

Brisson Kévin
Still waiting for grab breaks in super grab bros.
Comment from : Brisson Kévin

Guilty Gear XXAC+r... Every character was a broken mess... And we all loved it!
Comment from : ha8av

Plinn Nadayag
2:42 I just realized that it's Maximilian Dood's room in the background
Comment from : Plinn Nadayag

A Random Person
What is the saltiest thing i've seen?


Comment from : A Random Person

Daniel Hale
That said, not everyone is a pain slut...
Comment from : Daniel Hale

Soggy Waffles Xp
He fricking mention 2081
Comment from : Soggy Waffles Xp

Pac Man
Salt is perhaps most well known as a food preservative and flavoring agent. It has been used to preserve food for many thousands of years and is the most common seasoning. But salt also plays other, lesser-known roles in the food we eat as an essential nutrient, providing flavor and texture, and enhancing color.
Comment from : Pac Man

Andros Babacaris
That Sailor Mars laugh, that damn Kefca xD
Comment from : Andros Babacaris

Neo Silver
Wait the win button actually exists?
Comment from : Neo Silver

Quinnster Playz
I say its not fun to spam one move all the time
Comment from : Quinnster Playz

Daiyor Dragmire
There’s only one C in escape.
Comment from : Daiyor Dragmire

Wladimir Silva
Ahhh, the Megaman X OST at 5:00...❤️
Comment from : Wladimir Silva

Mortal kombat: sike we have "Mercy".
Comment from : meme-sama!

Cry̵x̸͟. Kalis
One of the two players is going to looose
King of fighters: has draw match

Comment from : Cry̵x̸͟. Kalis

Tommy Johnson
Darksydephil in a nutshell
Comment from : Tommy Johnson

Mint Mag
3:54 "Fuzzy Guard Break! A pinch more depth without breaking it" WHAT! Seriously? Dude how shit does Street Fighter have to get before people pick up the hint. Maybe I dunno animate it better. I'm sick and tired of hearing how much "DEPTH!!!!" SF has while it continues to show just roughness in it's design and animation.
Comment from : Mint Mag

It can also be with how one is raised if they can handle defeat. At my school teachers sometimes handled the 'everyone wins' type of play.
I hated it. That way people couldn't learn from losing every so often. Add 10 years to that and you can get players who can't stand losing in games.

Comment from : Leto85

I never imagined that a Sailor Moon game would be something that could ruin friendships.
Comment from : PAVGN

"If everyone's super...
Then no one will be."
-Sailor Moon S

Comment from : Riolu

Cries in breaking 3 Xbox controllers playing Tekken
Comment from : spectrall

Kingmonahi Qht
2:49 is that maximilian dood office? How? What are the connections? Between the channels?
Comment from : Kingmonahi Qht

Your Boy Jay
"For Honor" would've been a perfect example for unofficial rules
Comment from : Your Boy Jay

Magic Sevens
Does the guy in the red short make faces like that every video
Comment from : Magic Sevens

Sam Hawkins
0:49 I'm probably stupid for asking, but what game is this?
Comment from : Sam Hawkins

Social justice ruins everything.
Comment from : Erium

DekuShrub 99
Salt does a lot. It dehydrates for example, and conducts electricity.
Comment from : DekuShrub 99

grey tone
5:34 dont mind this comment, just placeholding this cool ass thing i might wanna check out later
Comment from : grey tone

I am sure, outside of this video, Salty Steve is actually a very talented fighting game player
Comment from : ultraRising298

0:36 South Park's difficulty depends how brown you are 😂. I forget about that. It do be like that.
Comment from : MelodiousBlitz

sergio recinos
automatic liked once i heard Sigma Fortress 1
Comment from : sergio recinos

1:32 that transition
Comment from : DINGASDOER

You're still pissed off about Mike Ross.
Damn right I am.

Comment from : kenjilee92

Miharo Totoro
My saltiest move: When I was about 14, I raged so hard playing SFIV on my old ipod touch I twisted it and cracked the screen.
Comment from : Miharo Totoro

I’ve watched this video over a dozen times already and that Suits clip still gets me lol
Comment from : edavidbruce

Compton_cranch Y
Saltiest thing ever? Y’all ever played jumpforce?
Comment from : Compton_cranch Y

I love this channel

Comment from : tasoganedude

Did he just say "Hey Core-A what's up?" when he picked up the phone? Is Gerald not Core-A?!
Comment from : chy03001

6:55 see its interesting how a lot of political concepts relate to other things, even videogames here. i guess in a way politics is more philosophy than fact.
Comment from : pupypup

4:08 as a novice game designer, if i wanted the mechanic but it didnt work visually like that id make it work visually.

or... well okay in real life i wouldnt care, and just leave it as is, but IDEALLY, id make it so you visually look like you are still standing.

Comment from : pupypup

Sailor Moon S, the true king of fighters.
Comment from : Kyser

remember that chibi moon can be invincible in that game too, just need to time the jumps correctly
Comment from : kael070

Chonky Boi
10:43 I love how you used the song Dancing Mad/Catastrophe from Final Fantasy VI and showing Terra a few seconds later in a video about fighting games.
Comment from : Chonky Boi

J. Doe
The effects of salt: raises blood pressure, in both meanings of the word.
Comment from : J. Doe

Gabe Garvin
I don’t play skull girls (yet) but I kinda actually like the aspect where the game actually prevents infinite combos. I do get a bit salty at fighting games but I do realize overall I just have to “get gud” but I have seen people get stuck in an infinite combo and it is horrifying to watch.
Comment from : Gabe Garvin

“I was blahhking”
Comment from : Iggy

halim lorette
Throws in street fighter 2 were way better. There I said it.
Comment from : halim lorette

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