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1:25 - Neutral
2:18 - Whiff Punish
2:59 - Footsies
4:45 - Melee
6:08 - Attack Speed
7:25 - Frame Advantage
9:19 - Frame Traps
10:26 - Zoning
11:10 - Knockdowns
14:00 - Application

Comment from : worldjem

hacking the day
6:20 any attack wil reach

Comment from : hacking the day

Why you don't talk about brawlhala?
Comment from : omarZ_man

you just didn't mash hard enough
Comment from : Xtria72

These videos are very well made!
Comment from : R&Frank

Respect for the Karate Champ clip!
Comment from : Robstafarian

fkcph weaudit
ey the backround music is from tekken 7 siren calls
Comment from : fkcph weaudit

Comment from : Fun&Games

Troy Carr
And this is why the internet is such a great thing. Videos and info like this simply didn't exist back in 1992, when Street Fighter 2 was making arcades profitable again and your dad got blisters on his palms trying to figure out how to pull off a Hadouken. Seriously, most of us just button-mashed and hoped we got lucky. Real gamers were breaking this info down and using it to own their local machines, while the rest of us couldn't even combo.

I feel I've just taken my first steps into a larger world. 😎

Comment from : Troy Carr

sAlt F4
Me playing Tekken
Comment from : sAlt F4

“Button mashing doesn’t work!”
Daley Thompson’s Decathalon, “hold my beer!”

Comment from : KennyTew2

Ryan Lee
It works in smash
Comment from : Ryan Lee

lucasterable (youtube channel)
It does work when you play as Eddy Gordo
Comment from : lucasterable (youtube channel)

Rex Joseph Glorioso
Funny enough I do martial arts (doing quite well at competitions) but I button mash and suck at fighting games hahaha. It's still fun to play though especially with friends
Comment from : Rex Joseph Glorioso

xtra chromie Homie
Why is this age restricted???
Comment from : xtra chromie Homie

chris james
lmao.... tell that to the pro player who gets his ass handed to him by a button mashing noob.... it happens... you cant predict someone with 0 rythym... it happens..
Comment from : chris james

Jose Barraza
I want more videos!!!!!!
Comment from : Jose Barraza

Darragh Murphy
How is this age restricted
Comment from : Darragh Murphy

Why you should tf up
Comment from : Twaf

nady jose villar tavarez
You can go to the sides and dash
Comment from : nady jose villar tavarez

Suruga Devil
Absolutely fantastic video on fighting game theory. Thank you.
Comment from : Suruga Devil

MineDan Taken
You liar!
Comment from : MineDan Taken

Starry Safari
Button mashing doesn't work.
Eddie Gordo has entered the chat

Comment from : Starry Safari

eventually 2 players will be good at the same strategy... then what? go for lucky guesses?
Comment from : 12DAMDO

Great work
Comment from : ARN ANDERSON

I beat Milo once. Button smashing does work.
Comment from : deg1studios

Декси Дуде
Why this video get adult only?
Comment from : Декси Дуде

Yuri Soares
That was the shit information that i was needing, i know all combos of akuma/kage/urien but i still couldn't achieve silver or plus
Comment from : Yuri Soares

M4RV 1
Button mashing won’t save you against COMBOS
Comment from : M4RV 1

Martin arguelles
No lie. I played a lot of dark souls before going back to fighting games. That game alone is almost like a philosophy trainer that can transfer over to fighting games. When I got back I noticed a lot of my bad habits were cleaned up.
Comment from : Martin arguelles

Ramiro Montoya
How the fuck is this age restricted lmao
Comment from : Ramiro Montoya

Chv Hndrtntlr
Damn...I prepare for click baity videos, but I got some serious shit video
Comment from : Chv Hndrtntlr

jason corbin
button smash does has it's unfortunate(against you) uses. some 7 year old just hopping all over the screen and smashing is just irritating. There's nothing to "read" in the movements since it's unpredictable.
Comment from : jason corbin

I'm shocked this is a conversation. What's next "why drinking gas is dumb" edit: came here to mock left here apologetic great video
Comment from : jacksputrid

Great video. I love the way you incorporated so many examples. If I didn’t already love fighting games then this would of made me want to try.
Comment from : Tgcsuneel

Comment from : eli

William Alves
Que vídeo top meu deus
Comment from : William Alves

Why is this video age restricted?
Comment from : IsakTS

I don't even play fighting games and I still show this to other people several times a month. So glad this video finally hit 1 million views.
Comment from : Otazuno

6:58 That Xiayou costume is beautiful
Comment from : Moose

Anime Exterminator
Wait, why is this age restricted
Comment from : Anime Exterminator

Hey, Jared. Good stuff. I've been binge-ing your fighting games analysis videos for a couple of days now and I think you did a great job explaining all the fighting game concepts that even a beginner can understand. Hats off to you man :)
Comment from : Neil

luigi pay
Why age limit?
Comment from : luigi pay

Tell that to Deidara.
Comment from : Cham

Felipe Maia
Pq não
Comment from : Felipe Maia

Dorks Domain
I’m so confused it says age restricted
Comment from : Dorks Domain

Luca TNT
Comment from : Luca TNT

Luca TNT
Comment from : Luca TNT

Carl Webber
It's shor yu ken not shou long
Comment from : Carl Webber

Mikai Flames
Why tf is this age restricted
Comment from : Mikai Flames

Desean Lothian
Thank you
Comment from : Desean Lothian

Michael Medina
Press X to doubt
Comment from : Michael Medina

justin julian
I somehow learned a lot more about fighting games in this video alone than I ever did learning ANYTHING at school
Comment from : justin julian

Chris Tucker
Idk why the only time I've heard of the term "okizeme" is in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future
Comment from : Chris Tucker

Why the hell is this age restricted?
Comment from : AbsoluteZero77

M Mc
I really need this as an intro into fighting games.
Comment from : M Mc

Clark Bernauer
Video: "Why button mashing doesnt work"
Smash players when grounded: 😥😥

Comment from : Clark Bernauer

Кирилл Иванов
Но все игры разные, а ещё, автор видимо сам не имеет представления о бое, ибо именно самые простые и быстрые серии ударов,т.н. коронки наиболее эффективны в бою. Другое дело, что файтинг с дракой почти не имеет ничего общего.Что их роднит - необходимость соблюдения дистанции, таймингов и понимания биомеханики движений.
Comment from : Кирилл Иванов

Remi Lalaque
Comment from : Remi Lalaque

Danganronpa Stuff
In super smash bros Ultimate I main captain falcon and try to time the falcon punch with their recovery also for some characters I can falcon punch them while they are on the ground because their hitbox
Comment from : Danganronpa Stuff

Proffesor Pantheon
Your right click button on your mouse after a match of lol

Comment from : Proffesor Pantheon

WierdAzz Weeaboo
How is this shit age restricted
Comment from : WierdAzz Weeaboo

666 dislikes. cursed individuals.
Comment from : Juna

And you just made me want to reinstall my copy of Skullgirls I bought ages ago. I've dabbled in fighting games a bit (More than a bit with Smash Bros, but that's also somewhat different) but I feel like this is the first time I've really gotten a lot of those concepts that have been mentioned. Admittedly I didn't do that much research, but still, great video!
Comment from : MaskOfIce

Yo why tf is this age restricted now
Comment from : Kamui

Mortal MC
Looks like that one regular show episode with button mashing was bullshit
Comment from : Mortal MC

Patrico Gaborito
Fck, next time you are in France you need to warn us!
Comment from : Patrico Gaborito

Łukasz Bielnik
why am i even waching this? i dont even play fighting games
Comment from : Łukasz Bielnik

Chadwin Deysel
2:16 ORA!!!
Comment from : Chadwin Deysel

Landon Cube
Imagine coding all that frame stuff then messing it up and having to recode it all
Comment from : Landon Cube

How is this vid age restricted tho?
Comment from : Tilde

Daniel Dameron
Button mashing doesnt work so well, I get it. But some times I feel like there is nothing else I can do. I take one hit and im dead because I dont know if there is a way out.
Comment from : Daniel Dameron

supa drippy drips
The part were he talks about gahndi was so interesting
Comment from : supa drippy drips

Vikum Wijekoon
Now I know more about fighting games than I do about the games I play.
Comment from : Vikum Wijekoon

Giovanni Matos
7:47 some one know the name of this game?
Comment from : Giovanni Matos

What are all the games in the video?
Comment from : dpolaristar

Zu Aleem
Comment from : Zu Aleem

Drab Majesty
It's panicked attacking. It can work on them with chance.
Comment from : Drab Majesty

Christian De vincenzis
What about megaman and Metroid
Comment from : Christian De vincenzis

7:30 what game is that
Comment from : Arnco

Caivon's favorite things
7:52 nocti lol
Comment from : Caivon's favorite things

Samuel Zuccati
For fuck's sake, its still for over 18
Comment from : Samuel Zuccati

Proxima Centaur1
highly informative and easy to follow. total thumbs up
Comment from : Proxima Centaur1

KrekerInGaming ITA
Age restricted cos of "mashing"
Comment from : KrekerInGaming ITA

John Ford
it works when your enemy also button smash
Comment from : John Ford

Honcho Poncho
This video becomes better each time you view it, godspeed man
Comment from : Honcho Poncho

Ben Baxter
In league of legends and dota 2 it works perfectly fine
Comment from : Ben Baxter

Pulled Pork
All the comments are like, the same but worded differently lol
Comment from : Pulled Pork

Why is this age restricted da FUQ? XD
Comment from : MiniSpecterXP

Drunk chicken's Dad
what the fuck why is this age restricted?
Comment from : Drunk chicken's Dad

This is an amazing video
Comment from : TheBLACKSTARmovement

Bruce King Royal
I'm sure at the end of the video I'll just button mash
Comment from : Bruce King Royal

More or less it’s just a phrase, Hell its more for controllers
Comment from : Smartii3s

Old School Pixel
Core-A Gaming
Corea Gaming

Aaah, now I get it

Comment from : Old School Pixel

In a year remind me to come back. Dumb AI changed the captions...
Comment from : PhotonDemonZ

Amazing Analysis Dude
Comment from : WELL FIGHTER

Stefi Ples
What game is that at 11:48 ?
Comment from : Stefi Ples

Pros N’ Kahns
MK11 community : Hold my beer
Comment from : Pros N’ Kahns

Andrew Voigt
Never a bad vid.
Comment from : Andrew Voigt

Felino Ayson's IQ is non-existent
I get infuriated when the kids at my local area, break the arcade controls my smashing them "harder" because they think it would give"more damage" to the opponent
Comment from : Felino Ayson's IQ is non-existent

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