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Meat an Taders
I agree with most of this video I think it's important to still have some end goal in mind when making changes. This is why I stopped playing league of legends because I didn't like how it felt with riot just making changes to popular characters all the time and some could go years without anything
Comment from : Meat an Taders

power creep?
Comment from : /X/EN

Aidan Schlottke
This is wrong on so many levels. Look at league of legends, they have been following this formula subtly over the years and now everything does way too much damage. It is a game of "one shot, or get one shot at this" point.
Comment from : Aidan Schlottke

torres couto
Game at 1:50 pls
Comment from : torres couto

MustacheManBoy MLG
Lol OW
Comment from : MustacheManBoy MLG

Valy The King
Yeah, it's better to buff then nerf but there are special cases. Take League of Legends for example, let's say teemo's base damage on a basic attack from the begining of the game is 80, and +50% of the ap, usually you will have 30 ap at the start so that's 95 dmg. That's is pretty big but acceptable. Now take Master Yi, his attacks scale off based on his ad, that will be usually 90 dmg on a basic attack. From an outside view Teemo would win, that depends. Here is when other factors come up such as: skills, health, mana and mastery. Health in the early game for this particular champions doesn't really matter, but they would be like this: 550-600 hp for Teemo and 750-800 for Mater Yi. Why I say health doesn't really matter is because Teemo is ranged while Master Yi is not. Here come skills and mastery into play, Teemo has his Q, which does around 110 dmg and causes the blindness debuff that makes basic attacks do 0 dmg. Now Yi has his Q too which would make him untargetable, teleport him to the enemy and does around 110 dmg. This abilities counter each others champion, here comes mastery. If you know how to play the champion right, then you will beat the opponent. Then comes the question: "Who will Riot nerf?" and the answer is none. Each champion is balanced in his own right, Master Yi is an assassin that can erase both tanks and others but is weak to true damage and cc while Teemo is more of a support that can lay mushrooms, do some heavy damage and blind opponents but is weak to heavy damage.
Comment from : Valy The King

Abdo Radwan
TELL THAT To cs:go
Comment from : Abdo Radwan

Beebo's 157th hair strand
Please delete this i think icefrog watched this and now he is breaking dota 2
Comment from : Beebo's 157th hair strand

Don't Buff or Nerf Just Ban
Comment from : iiPixelOmq

Chris ##
NBA 2k please take notes 📝
Comment from : Chris ##

Pelagius' Hipbone
What’s the name of the game at 1:34?
Comment from : Pelagius' Hipbone

I am not mad
lol imagine they buff all atomic bombs, where is the counterplay?!
Comment from : I am not mad

Lukee B Duck
Comment from : Lukee B Duck

xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG
Thats what happened to Dragonball. Always buff this buff that until someone destroys existence... but Goku got a new stronger form.
Comment from : xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG

1:36 whats the game?
Comment from : Blankkc

I say only nerf when there is some cheese tactic that gives a 100% win
Comment from : TheMemeLords

Don’t show this to Riot Games please.They are going to buff everythin.
Comment from : Megablademe

Jadriel Laracuente
"Buffing is great"
Bayoneta: exist in smash 4

Comment from : Jadriel Laracuente

Aw come on. A 5 blink Nuse with no recharge time was completely balanced.
Comment from : Genesis

The most balanced game Rock Paper Scissors
Comment from : Kriss

Chris P. Bacon
try out footsies
Comment from : Chris P. Bacon

tell that to overwatch lmao
Comment from : HentaiRacoon

Alex Williams
50% of comments in his videos are the same quote
Comment from : Alex Williams

Basti Rich
Dota 2 is a great example of nice balancing. U can play what ever u want. A tank, a carry, a support, it doesn't matter because, everyone can one shot eveeryone. Whoever presses the button first and hits win. Brilliant. Nerfs are so much better than Buffs.
Comment from : Basti Rich

xx 3
Basically inflation
Comment from : xx 3

Abhishek Tyagi
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Epstein didn't kill himself
Comment from : Abhishek Tyagi

veretx nerd
Ever heard of a rework
Comment from : veretx nerd

love these analysis vids.great work.
Comment from : shaheer

gt goku walks in
Comment from : zZephyr

jaeger acog...
Comment from : Idahawk

I wish Epic Games did this with Fortnite, they killed their game with too many updates that just nerf or vault everything we like and add stuff that nobody asked for that were unfun and either super sht or way too OP.
Comment from : spookymooc

Tanner Martin
Never understood this until they nerfed ssbu pichu's toes.

An extremely powerful move for sure, but getting rid of it made pichu feel so much less like pichu.

Comment from : Tanner Martin

Failed Hivemind
Because the feeling of retardedness sucks.
Comment from : Failed Hivemind

Cléber o Homem sem Nome
whats the name of the game on 2:19
Comment from : Cléber o Homem sem Nome

Cléber o Homem sem Nome
whats the name the game on 1:35
Comment from : Cléber o Homem sem Nome

King Seeker
Totally agree!
Comment from : King Seeker

Ban Hero..???
Comment from : Azophi

Matias Lopez
Comment from : Matias Lopez

Corey Pope
There is nothing more balanced than total chaos.
Comment from : Corey Pope

Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet
Core-A: "let me know if you think there should be changes"

Me: looks at brawl meta knight and smash ultimate little mac

Comment from : Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet

GD Hyp3rSqu1d
Hardest nerf ive seen is terraria overhaul mod nerf on vampire knives
Comment from : GD Hyp3rSqu1d

Xd ohm-wyzzz
Fortnite developers dont know what to do rn cause the community is op
Comment from : Xd ohm-wyzzz

Didn't work in Pokemon.
Power creep just skyrocketed with this logic.

Comment from : Someone

Time to make nerfbeard into buffbeard and blitz into a train
Comment from : McSlobby

TNF Elites
Buff more then nerf - one word bout that - OverWatch
Comment from : TNF Elites

Sporks And Forks
If you think that characters shouldn't be nerfed. You have never met brawl metaknight
Comment from : Sporks And Forks

JCB pvp
Yeah but are we gonna talk about brawl meta-night?
Comment from : JCB pvp

xRaptorxTV epic
Cough bayonetta smash 4 cough
Comment from : xRaptorxTV epic

Diego the Dinosaur
Can’t be op if every one is op
Comment from : Diego the Dinosaur

Gerhard Skartveit
I think the best thing is reworks. It isn't very exciting just to change numbers.

As long as the rework isn't big enough to make you feel like you lost all your time practising, it is great.

A good rework is fun.

Comment from : Gerhard Skartveit

Have you heard of power creep
Comment from : images

Comment from : LucasjWalrus

Comment from : LucasjWalrus

Some Leftovers
when there is a one hit k.o. smg and a only 1 damage sniper you know its ballanced
Comment from : Some Leftovers

Griffin Kimball
One of the best nerfs that I never saw anybody complain about was getting rid of Sonic's ability to shield cancel spin dash.
Comment from : Griffin Kimball

elian nuez
Porque pones título en español si no están disponibles esos subtítulos ??
Comment from : elian nuez

Brandon Faunce
Has this guy never heard of hearthstone in his life?
Comment from : Brandon Faunce

Mr. Mudkip
Overwatch isnt in the best state right now due to over buffing
Comment from : Mr. Mudkip

Generic Clips Channel
Tell hypixel skyblock this
Comment from : Generic Clips Channel

SassyLlama Boi
laughs cries in geometry dash
Comment from : SassyLlama Boi

Aidan Makes Things
Imagine if Overwatch didn’t take 10 years to kill an opponent and if every character was actually somewhat viable.
Comment from : Aidan Makes Things

True sportsmanship?
We should do this move, it'll make everyone have more fun. And in the end it'll make me lose
Good model on how to act online as well! Thanks for the vid, best wishes everyone.

Comment from : heated1333

Oren oren
what game is it in 0:22?, i used to play it a lot as a kid, and i've been searching for it again.
Comment from : Oren oren

Jeffrey Chen
Honestly, this is why titan fall is one of the best underrated shooter games. Instead of nerfing characters to balance them, they just made every character overpowered as heck.
Comment from : Jeffrey Chen

Jack Kraus
If one character is better than the other characters in Smash, then it is better to buff the 60 other characters than nerf the one
Comment from : Jack Kraus

Rude Uno Card
1 Hit Sniper : Buff
Its still the Same

Comment from : Rude Uno Card

blind nerfing is de-balancing and you might as well just be cutting content out of the game a la Overwatch, i personally think characters like Hayabusa shouldn't be nerfed no matter how OP they might seem, because they're....... difficult, right? instead of nerfing how about redesigning? if you take a broken element and change it into a more fun one, that's a big win for everyone right? League of Legends' reworks are a primary example.
Comment from : くんマフムード

Maverick Pierce
Unless it’s brawl meta knight or smash 4 bayo buffing low tiers is better then nerfing high teirs
Comment from : Maverick Pierce

Tareq Al-Hasan
Comment from : Tareq Al-Hasan

Tanks A Lot
If everyone is overpowered, then no-one is overpowered
Comment from : Tanks A Lot

Ursomrano 61
I think if there’s a OP character then buff everyone else to make it equally to the other character. To quote Syndrome “if everyone is super no one will be”
Comment from : Ursomrano 61

Robotized Cyborg
Valve: OP vs OP

Every gaming company: [Visible Confusion]

Comment from : Robotized Cyborg

matthhias brown an onion chopping Ninja
Little Mac punches off in the distance
Comment from : matthhias brown an onion chopping Ninja

Elliotttheneko UwU
Yea I still want to owari da (I swear to god if someone understands this reference I'll commit sewers)
Comment from : Elliotttheneko UwU

What game is at 1:35?
Comment from : guitaro5000

Alex Alvarez
No no no
No buffs for hero

Comment from : Alex Alvarez

whats the game at 1:30?
Comment from : Ilja

coffee fish
what about pokmon
Comment from : coffee fish

Des Grey Skry
Game: "Alright, let's nerf starter weapons."

*Update log*
Starter sword damage 10 -> 20
Premium starter sword damage 20 -> 200

Comment from : Des Grey Skry

DJ Tile Turnip
Everyone laughing until we buff nerfing
Comment from : DJ Tile Turnip

Deelim ._.
TF2 scout weapons: ಥ‿ಥ
Comment from : Deelim ._.

Cool_boy- 198
I kinda like nerfs because it gives less experienced and newer players a fighting chance, in contrast, I like buffs for the weaker side of things so newer players still have a fighting chance.
Comment from : Cool_boy- 198

ahmad ghaisan
Try saying that to valve while they're updating the spy
Comment from : ahmad ghaisan

Adrian Smith
Power creep though?
Comment from : Adrian Smith

Clarence's 「Bizarre Day」
if you buff more than nerf example: you released a new item and someone got it he abused it till the nerf
Comment from : Clarence's 「Bizarre Day」

Daniel McGibbon
Usain bolt ruined the 100m sprint
Comment from : Daniel McGibbon

Not Lord Gols
yes! TF2 X10 mode!
Comment from : Not Lord Gols

awesome dragon
I dunno man. Tf2 is the best game ever and it's hard-centered on balance.
Comment from : awesome dragon

The Victator
Guilty Gear is like this, everyone is somewhat broken or crazy, so the game is really fun but still balanced
Comment from : The Victator

I have an extra chromosome
This is why I love update 7.2
Comment from : I have an extra chromosome

Krazie 02
I personnaly disagree a bit with this. I can see the point where you come from but only buffing doesnt make it. Lets take brawlhalla for example, its one of the most balanced games I know, and many people enjoy the hell out of it. Of course there are better and worse legends, but even the worst legend still stands a good chance against the best legend (for example the world champion won some tournaments with what was at the time seen as one of if not the worst legend). They contained this balance by buffing and nerfing accordingly.
Comment from : Krazie 02

Huzaifa Arif
What was that game at 1:38
Comment from : Huzaifa Arif

I feel like Gearbox should watch this video.
Comment from : NoksNonsense

Agent Smith • 2 years and
Its easier to nerf one character than to buff all the others
Comment from : Agent Smith • 2 years and

Spencer Portwood
Two words.

Power Creep.

Comment from : Spencer Portwood

Value ___?
Buffing everyone just causes powercreep. Someone gets a bit more buffed than the other, the other gets another buff then previously stronger one is suddenly weaker gets another buff and so on until everyone 1 shots everyone and thats just dumb.

Buffs and Nerfs are needed equally. Nothing else makes any sense.

Comment from : Value ___?

The problem with buffing everything that's weak, is that you go into power creep territory and eventually the different buffs will form overpowered combos that nobody thought of, giving rise to a new overpowered meta. It just spirals out of control. This is proven, in every single game that exists where buffs and nerfs are done regularly for a large player base.

Just look at League of Legends now compared to where it was ten years ago; the game's power level for champions is through the roof now, and it shows no signs of stopping. Instakills and abilities which have 3 or more separate effects all rolled into one are now the rule and not the exception. You don't seem to have much experience with games that suffer from powercreep; you only seem to have experience with games that (wisely) choose to give out buffs sparingly. I have experienced powercreep firsthand many times, and after just a few years, it will inevitably cause all manner of problems for the game.

Comment from : dragonslair951167

nathaniel cascini
I can see how this can be true in a lot of cases, but in the case of OW, it ruined the game for several seasons straight and now its basically unplayable (can't break shields that last for days, only dps characters that are viable are ones that can go through shields easy, and healing is such that things are hard to kill even if shields are bypassed. All of this is so OP that most of the cast is not playable and people just look at shields for most of their games, have a minute window of time to act when shields go down, and even then, its not a guarantee that anything major will happen.)
Comment from : nathaniel cascini

King 3D
"Come back when you start getting banned in tournaments" - Brawl Meta Knight
Comment from : King 3D

Supporting a franchise long enough to watch it nerf itself is probably the saddest narrative in gaming. That being said, waning franchises only lend room to up and coming games! If nerfs are the meta then players can always adapt and adopt new creative and technical games to become their dojo.
Comment from : SheeshFr

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