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Digital Bitch Slap
KoF 13 is better KoF 14.
Comment from : Digital Bitch Slap

Studio Original
Skullgirls is my favorite fighting game graphics.
Comment from : Studio Original

2:05 Daigo in a suit using a joystick littered with Buttons!
Comment from : JasperXoR

kenny Smith
I need to know who's the girl from 1:02 for research purposes 😁
Comment from : kenny Smith

Uhca kip
Smash ultimate
Comment from : Uhca kip

Dry Bones
Sick jab combo in intro
Comment from : Dry Bones

Pedro Jaskowiak
this video was like ---
this is why graphics matter: they matter.

Comment from : Pedro Jaskowiak

Sam N
Graphics don't matter, lol. Alpha 2 Gold is my favourite SF game. To someone else, SF3 Third Strike is someone else's favourite. And for someone else, Street Fighter 2 is the ultimate.

But when you go back before SF2, you're talking mechanics, not graphics. I really don't agree with this all that much, gotta say.

Comment from : Sam N

The Film Freaks
My favourite style is definitely 32 bit sprites. The top dogs in my opinion are definitely SF3, JoJo, and MvC2
Comment from : The Film Freaks

Alry FireBlade
Tekken 4.
My first Fighting game ever^^

Comment from : Alry FireBlade

Like this in 2020 if yt is still alive
Comment from : TheGenericGod

King Rojin
Comment from : King Rojin

Personally, it's aesthetic over graphics for me. Look at Nintendo. They never have the absolute best graphics, but always have the biggest and most varied atmospheres and aesthetics in their worlds. Obviously anyone wants good graphics, but as long as a lack of good graphics doesn't affect the players gameplay, it doesn't matter AS much to me.
Comment from : bubby56789

Cratian Government
Yeah, Street Fighter III seems to be the cliché option, but that's for a reason. The combination of large, more detailed sprites combined with tons of frames of animation make a smooth looking game.
Comment from : Cratian Government

favorite animation: Garou Mark of the Wolves
favorite 2D: KOF XIII
favorite 3D: SSBU

makes me very sad: KOF 14

Comment from : 최호재

Aidan Makes Things
What if there was a fighting game with just box characters that were their exact hit boxes so there is no complaints
Comment from : Aidan Makes Things

Sebastian Belu
Kof XIV is still nice looking and gameplay also nice
Comment from : Sebastian Belu

Dragon ball FighterZ looks perfect.
Comment from : Dink

Vento Da Serra
The original marvel vs capcom.
Is just crazy colors. It's absolutely exaggerated. Its psychedelic.
And I love it.

Comment from : Vento Da Serra

Bryn Estella
I like jiggle physics
Comment from : Bryn Estella

ToonV _
My favorite graphics is from MVC2 and UMVC3
Comment from : ToonV _

mine would gotta be skullgirls
Comment from : hoothesawsome

Eddie Miller
I'm a fan of the pixel art
Comment from : Eddie Miller

Jonathan Martinez
Dude I really hope KoF XV looks better than kof ivx and samurai shodown
Comment from : Jonathan Martinez

illegal bacon
jjba hftf has amazing graphics in my opinion (JoJo's bizarre adventure heritage for the future)
Comment from : illegal bacon

Timo Cruz
Because i play MK.
Comment from : Timo Cruz

Mr.Special Leek
Thank me later

Comment from : Mr.Special Leek

Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it.
this video is basically why i don’t like mr game and watch
Comment from : Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it.

Anh Huynh
U lost me one minute into the video. I think i gotten 30% dumber after watching this video lol
Comment from : Anh Huynh

I knew they got a little loose with the female animations, but those titties on Mai & Chun Li are killing me. 😂😂😂
Comment from : bigwilly43729

Miden Arithmos
Graphic does matter little, but what's more important in fighting game is the animation. Like My favorite fighting games such as Skullgirls, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.

Their Animation has life put into it because of how they animate each frames with rules of animation and character personality in mind. While not trying to imitate "reality" like how the 3D are doing with their animation because while it looks realistic, it's boring to look and feel. It lacks the rule of Animations.

Comment from : Miden Arithmos

I love 3rd Strike. The details are great, they convey emotions, and Yun looks drop dead cool. Lookin' to see if I can get a more modern game tho.
Comment from : 1Robkip

Äs Nödt
I always said that graphics dind’t matter, then MK11 came out. Now i can’t really play any other fighting games without saying “The graphics are shit, i can’t play like this”
Comment from : Äs Nödt

FBI Link
I would not say that graphics don't matter but a game with too realist graphics and that is a slice of life is just bad personally
Comment from : FBI Link

DekuShrub 99
Is this why everyone hated Brawl? It was one generation behind?
Comment from : DekuShrub 99

Lmao this is a piss poor "analysis" I was expecting something more in depth but this coulda been a 10 second vid saying oh yea graphics actually might matter in fighting games kthx. Very disappointing.
Comment from : Terabyte

gary gourley
The term graphics is WAY to broad , agree or disagree ? I'm curious and want to see how other people feel about it I won't reply tho I just hope people start talking about that
Comment from : gary gourley

ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&More
I like guilty gear tbh.. the 3d combined with 2d anime artstyle is very smart tbh..
Comment from : ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&More

Una persona
Never forget
Comment from : Una persona

Ban Y E E T os
3:13 what controllers will look like in 2030
Comment from : Ban Y E E T os

I love jiggle physics 😏

I play usf4 because i prefer the graphics style
Comment from : DemolitionP

I really like the V-ism graphics in Alpha 3
Comment from : Squilliamï

Graphics and animations help inform player decisions and reactions. See Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead for a crash course in silhouettes, character designs, palettes and so on.

Final Fight, while rife with palette swaps like any other, still diversified their character designs so you can never confuse one for another.

Comment from : CidSilverwing

NurS Rampage
Jojo htft
Comment from : NurS Rampage

Best game graphics is 💯
Killer instinct on arcade .

Comment from : j2323j

Ah yes
Enslaved arguments

Comment from : TheRaphGamezN'More

Martin van Stein
It is not so much about graphics but the readability of motion.
I recently bought SF2 on the Switch and I enjoy that way more than the SF4 game on my PS3 ... the characters look too bulky to me in later iterations and essentially there hasn't been much originality / changes to the systems introduced in SF2.

And more importantly when I play SF2 the characters feel different when playing them, not sure how to explain it, but Sagat feels bulky (eventhough his kicks are super fast), Fei Long feels light, Ken feels explosive and Ryu feels conservative (eventhough it is the same character in many ways to ken) and I tend to spam the enemy with fireballs from afar when playing Ryu while completely trying to overwhelm someone when I am playing Ken.

And even though the graphics in SF4 look better than this Switch version I am playing now, I really dislike the look and the way characters move in SF4, it just feels and looks wrong.

To expand a bit further, I think Capcom needs to show some "balls"and do a complete style overhaul and introduce new things like a storymode where you can create your own fighter who will interact with characters from the roster and upon completion can be used in Arcade mode to finish teh story based on choices you made in story mode.

With regards to style overhaul step away from this look and either go more realistic ...or more stylish where you feel like you are playing inside artwork.
Maybe even introduce active elements in the scenes or even like a 2.5 D fightsystem where you can sidestep across two lanes.

But until then I see no reason to even look at SF 6, 7 or 8 when it comes out as again it is not much different from SF2

Comment from : Martin van Stein

Mr Good
Looks at Minecraft

Are you sure about that?

Comment from : Mr Good

Reyson Dred
Is it just me or does Street Fighter IV look better than Street Fighter V. There’s just something about SF IV that makes it look better in my opinion
Comment from : Reyson Dred

Chris Rhome
Comment from : Chris Rhome

EVERYTHING matters in games. Graphics, Animation, Sound, Music, Control, UI. ALL of those things can make a game better or worse. It may be to different degrees, but it ALL MATTERS.

SFII looks great, but current fav is DBF

Comment from : Draskang

QR Code
Street fighter 3...
Comment from : QR Code

z NightOwl z
Street fighter III and V have the best in my opinion
Comment from : z NightOwl z

Sciurus Alpha
And to this day kofxiv was underrated
Comment from : Sciurus Alpha

lll Alejo
an interesting video about nothing.
Comment from : lll Alejo

random guy
Ive never saw how jiggly chun li boobs are lol
Comment from : random guy

Try talking to any melee player, ever
Comment from : Azophi

Hi im Iny
ANIMATION matters in fighting games

Comment from : Hi im Iny

I only play Kof 13 because of its graphics. It just looks amazing.
Comment from : E

Graphics matter in every game. It's fucking 2019 we have the capabilities to make good looking games. Pixel art style can fuck off for all I care lol
Comment from : Jim

James Doyle
Street fighter V is underrated
Where my agreers at?

Comment from : James Doyle

Yvonne Maya
For me it will always be Fatal Fury 3. The first time i saw that game back 1995 it blew my mind. Graphics, music, sound effects and that awesome intro.
Comment from : Yvonne Maya

Gendalf Gray
4:10 these moves from 2d can be in 3d, crappy animation not 3d fault but animator fault.
Comment from : Gendalf Gray

Imagine seeing a Sprite character in a fighting game with 3D models
Comment from : jay

Arc System Works style of FG’s are my favorite thing ever. It’s literally orgasmic.
Comment from : uhlexix

Oskar Kej
I also like street fighte third fight
Comment from : Oskar Kej

Steven OConnor
Killer Instinct was excellent this generation
Comment from : Steven OConnor

Dylan Chadderton
i like SSF2T graphics the best.
Comment from : Dylan Chadderton

joshua jordaan
Graphics dont matter third strike is the best
Comment from : joshua jordaan

Jerome Yudiet
Street fighter 3 3rd strike is my favorite street fighter game graphics..
Comment from : Jerome Yudiet

Games with beautiful 2d sprite animation are definetlyy favourite like street fighter 3 and dark stalkers
Comment from : AceCanti

Comment from : xOctoNinja

Comment from : ALKALINE MK

turtle hub
you do not need to have a good resolution to have good graphics, just a good art style.
Comment from : turtle hub

Άλκης Δ.
I've always played Street Fighter games super casually. I've got the most hours on Alpha 3, but 3rd Strike looks the best in my eyes—the modern 3D versions don't even come close. Sometimes I like 3rd Strike even more than Guilty Gear Xrd, breathtaking as that game is. What can I say: I'm a weeb and have a soft spot for sprites, even old, low-res ones.
Comment from : Άλκης Δ.

noobdrawsz a
1:17 what the hell?
Comment from : noobdrawsz a

Graphics don’t matter, art styles does. Graphics only matter when you are going realism but it looks horrible.
Comment from : Sakurai

Comment from : {凶}-TheMasterDani-{凶}

Am I the only one who thinks Smash 4 looks just as good, if not better than Ultimate?
Comment from : Stroll

Sf4 looks great to me because of the cartoony graphics
Comment from : RussMig

octo pie
Street fighter alpha
Comment from : octo pie

Jiggle physics
Comment from : PujanggaTafakkur

Neil W
I really like the graphics of killer instinct both old arcade versions and the xbone/pc version.
Comment from : Neil W

Soo Boo
What is the music used in the background? 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Soo Boo

Luis Chaves
Graphic fidelity doesnt matter. The same cannot be said for the visual aspect of the game.
Comment from : Luis Chaves

Temujin Lloyd
The Best looking fighting game I've played is Dragon ball fighterz
Comment from : Temujin Lloyd

Scott Kane
KOF13 is my favorite graphic engine. But I'm also a huge fan of 3rd strike Guilty Gear Xrd and the Alpha/Darkstalkers/X-men hand drawn graphics. When it comes to CG animation or 3D characters vs hand drawn animation, it's hard for the CG stuff to not come off lifeless and feeling like an empty husk. KOF13 and 3rd strike really felt right when you hit characters. KOF 14 really bummed me out because I was hoping for 13 style graphics with an updated roster or mechanics. 14's graphics really looked off, like manequins or soulless action figures. I would love for more games to experiment with hand drawn graphics, or do something similar to Guilty Gear. Even street fighter 4 and 5 do not feel as good to me as the hand drawn games of the 90s.
Comment from : Scott Kane

Darksider Forever
i play sf3 on arcade macine in national videogame musuem nearby it was epic
Comment from : Darksider Forever

Mika smacks her ass before the move.....
Comment from : Crusher_Stream

I personally think Mortal Kombat (1993) had the best graphics.
Comment from : ShpeedzDaMan

Meme Man
I feel like dbfz has some of the best graphics, at least for a fighting game.
Comment from : Meme Man

Gavin Powell
You're getting close to the reason, but slightly off.

In animation industry its one of the twelve principles: appeal. The graphics allow characters to look more attractive and show more emotion. Combined with good animation it allows a character with appeal (sexiness, or style, or power etc) to move in appealing ways.

Its why Mickey Mouse was so popular. He was drawn with round appealing shapes, his animation was better than anything before it, and he had a broad range of emotion.

Comment from : Gavin Powell

Hus 9
The hit box is the same from the 90s
Comment from : Hus 9

Ataktaktak duuuu ken!
Comment from : 12x12surface

Stf3. Totally
Comment from : darklandmaster58

Hunter Williams
Mk11 has the best graphics i have ever seen
Comment from : Hunter Williams

I like the graphics for the OG MK games (MK1, MKII, MK3, UMK3, MKT)
Comment from : Longtimechart94

no. you are wrong.
graphics matter extremely little.
animations on the other hand are good for visual cues.
we can try two extreme thought experiments.
imagine street fighter 2.
now imagine it's remade with the exact same mechanics, but using the best 3d models available, in such a way that each individual hair is animated independently. the most amazing graphics available.
would that make any difference at all?

now imagine it the other way around.
imagine the characters having blocky hands like ff7 characters.
and the color palette being greatly reduced.
the animations stay the same, and all the visual cues stay the same.
that would also make no difference in gameplay.

Comment from : sabin97

The Lamer Gamer
I am a huge fan of BlazBlue's art direction.
Comment from : The Lamer Gamer

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