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poker isn't pure gambling, it's just risk management, reading, prediction and acting
Comment from : SkyreeXScalabar

You have to design for both crowds. They shouldnt be knocking off the top teir players, rather, they should be desigbing games to treach people the most effective ways to play. I dont think a skill gap is the problem here; the problem is a lack of communication of high level mechanics
Comment from : PumkinSwift

aye yooteck
Had to sub!!
Comment from : aye yooteck

Comment from : PretoAnrus

Justin Reyes
Thinking man's channel
Comment from : Justin Reyes

4:11 Ludvix video ;)
Comment from : _Ileven

Nathan Shivnen
Skullgirls shoutout
Comment from : Nathan Shivnen

Comment from : Luigi0136

Lorna Murphy
Tekken > Smash > SF and I don't even play smash
Comment from : Lorna Murphy

J Cal 87
Nice Jamie Foxx roast reference
Comment from : J Cal 87

Jay Turani
Not gonna lie I came for Chun-Ali’s cheeks.
Comment from : Jay Turani

Skill should not be pressing the buttons the right way, skill should be doing the right action at the right time, control should be the more intuitive possible. So having one button automatically blocking everything is bad, but launching a specific attack/combo with on specific button is right.
Comment from : Uryendel

Honestly I'm fine with a bit of luck. That's the reason I didn't get into SF was because it looks too complex for me. Like I couldn't never learn it. But after playing 5 I started to play the other games which got me into other SF games. 3rd strike is best. I can see why pros hate luck. But I'm not a pro. would that make me bias? Ehe.
Comment from : GayBean

Same reason why scBW is still kicking, you would never hear "jaedong mutas" or "Lexa wraiths" "Jangbi storms" "Fantasy vultures" "Flash macro" "Bisu DTs" "Boxer marines" in sc2 because the quality of life changes were so great to a point it made players virtually indistinguishable from each other once a certain attainment of skill was reached that it all came down to execution and the first one to look away for too long from their minimap, so many people don't realize this though and it's so annoying
Comment from : BaaldEagle

Bro I can't even do the Daigo parry in SFV
Comment from : Carlos

Mindless Media
this is still the best video essay on youtube
Comment from : Mindless Media

I came back to this because of mk11 reducing the skill gap, namely with the fatal blow, which makes insane comebacks a lot easier to pull off, making it more common and less special
Comment from : Bebe

Ronan Markow
I find it hard to see how Metal gear survive could have ever been in any way competent even in another franchise.
Comment from : Ronan Markow

Fail X
I dunno, new players should just not expect to beat people who have already spent years trainer without training for themselves.
Comment from : Fail X

Larry Skells
Thank you for this video! I'm so sick of the accessibility BS. It caters to people who only play the game for a week.

The sales may be more initially but the people buying dlc and driving long term sales are the core audience. Johnny donuts isn't sticking around 5 seasons, he playing Call of Duty and NBA2K the very next week.

Comment from : Larry Skells

At the end of the life this is a ....😑
Comment from : AZURITE XAVEN

Joshua Weber
I used to play overwatch for years, but they started watering down the game, by hiting buffs to make some karakters, easyer to play. And nerfing other karakters abilytys that where strong with high skill. Example woud be. D.VA matrix. It had limited resourses. And avreg player woud just hold it up for 4 sec. To deny damage. Whilst extremly good players where picking out damage in 1 sec chunks, ingreasing there effectivniss, they removed it so now all players just hold it down, do to a inbetween use cooldown increase. Wich is only a nerf to the top players.
Comment from : Joshua Weber

Not for nothin, but I've been playing Street Fighter for years... And I'll wax the chicken grease off a newbies hide with Nash in SFV... Every... single... time... lol never experienced a "lucky loss" from players who are new to the game. But I understand many people's frustrations. It definitely ain't Third Strike lol

Fantastic video!
Comment from : KillerTacos

Ian Hockabout
I care about players and skill not just talking shit!
Comment from : Ian Hockabout

Ian Hockabout
I liked sci-fi call of duty.
Comment from : Ian Hockabout

cole reed
Honestly we need more fighting games like fighterz easy to learn hardish to master
Comment from : cole reed

Anyone who's not a Tekken purist and is generally outside of tekken, how do you feel about the direction Tekken is going. Everything from tournaments, to mechanics, to characters, to development. Not a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious about other people's opinions
Comment from : Mangifera

Eh sounds like a bunch of whiners who hate change and more competition.🤷🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Sage

Mike Fasano
I play mario party competitively, high skill floor and an infinitely higher skill cap.
Comment from : Mike Fasano

dota 2's patch 7.23 is going in this direction :/
Comment from : YohAquino2

Now okay, I like Smash Ultimate, since it makes technical things easier to do then melee, but it doesn't add luck. Ultimate does in no way limit people, however. There is still a SUPER HIGH skill cap that only a few people have touched and the game hard punishes spamming and other bad strategies by roll and move staling. Yes, smash ultimate is great :)
Comment from : Azophi

played smash 4 and now ultimate and you ca tell the devs are definitely have the competitive side higher on the priority with a much more balances game, good patches and adding other features and techs like directional air dodge back
Comment from : N3bul3

Matthew Jones
I think Smash does it right. You can do the cool, flashy stuff without learning complicated combos, but the pros know when and how to use those moves. Accessible and complex, just how I like it. :)
Comment from : Matthew Jones

ImGlad imYellow
Lol he said “Diego”
Go Diego go

But fuck yeah you’re right. Street fighter 6 needs to be immaculate, when it comes out in 2030...
After mortal kombat 11.

Comment from : ImGlad imYellow

Anujoy Mukherjee
I guess it explains one of the reasons why people know the name of "icefrog" hold his name in high regard. He listened the the community. And the community holds it close to unhealthy levels.
Comment from : Anujoy Mukherjee

Tic tac toe is total luck .You have to be lucky enough to hope your friend playing against you gets distracted by something random and puts their X or 0 in the wrong place.
Comment from : Mr,ziggyzaggy

Fortnite is a game with mechanics that would induce a CS:GO level skill gap, but a developer that wants everyone to win.
Comment from : Frucks

Rebecca Rosenhaus
good job
Comment from : Rebecca Rosenhaus

Epic Gamer
6:53 Gamerbee be rocking that Papa Franku look
Comment from : Epic Gamer

In regarding to working with the players, I think Bethesda did a very good job with giving out their source code for their game Skyrim (RPG fantasy for those who are not familiar with it). This had led to many players creating legal mods which only adds to the longlevitiy of the game (only seemingly) without Bethesda having to work for this success.
Even nowadays - 8 years after the game's release no less - Skyrim is now on the Nintendo Switch and I believe that the game won't even had gain this popularity if it wasn't for the mod community in the first place.
Imagine that; giving out your secret (source code), which I haven't seen many game developers do could lead to your game's longlevity and even more income in the long run.

Comment from : Leto85

Robert Fierce

Who the fk is Diego????!??

Comment from : Robert Fierce

El título está en español ¿Por qué el vídeo no?
Comment from : Destroyer

Erasmus Guy
Video: anyone can parry anything. Also video: no good defencive options
Comment from : Erasmus Guy

Samuel Perales
Guys just play street fighter 3rd strike okay??? Lol that's my challenge to others hahahaha
Comment from : Samuel Perales

Santiago Pardo
d i e g o
Comment from : Santiago Pardo

Valxiya EX
Hero is added in smash.

Comment from : Valxiya EX

Diego Rodriguez
Interesting note by Sakurai. He actually had the intention the entire time to make a game that was fun and less on the competitive side when making Smash. It’s the reason Brawl was so different. It was his choice. Nowadays Ultimate can be both, and it’s very great. I think games nowadays are actually starting to slowly find methods of appeasing both contestants and casuals.
Comment from : Diego Rodriguez

keith bosley
I feel this way about dbfz... Fck auto combos
Comment from : keith bosley

Daniel Nolan
If they only knew how people would miss for glory
Comment from : Daniel Nolan

Daniel Nolan
Idk why they add input lag, it only favors the most casual , who will drop the game after a week and never touch it again. It pissss off everyone else, no matter the skill level
Comment from : Daniel Nolan

i'm ok with high skill ceiling, except for Starcraft 2, any game that needs 7 years of experience to get anywhere has officialy gone too far
Comment from : NANCOK

competitive players are the minority and shouldnt have any say on the design. whe 95% of your player base are casual online players, you support them.
Comment from : MusicalBoarder

I think street fighter should be more of a skill game rather than luck
Comment from : Meliodas619

New phone Who dis?
How about going the full Tekken route, where you say: Fuck the newcomers. You bought this game, play our way. B T dubs you’re going to lose a lot and legacy skill is all that matters.
Comment from : New phone Who dis?

Tfw that wasn't a meringue beat
Comment from : GSAV-o153

I didn't like how Arc System slaughtered BalzBlue "an already easy game" and made it a button masher, i don't mind games that are on the easier side such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, but making the game brainless is downright stupid.
Comment from : くんマフムード

"you gon' learn!" lmfao
Comment from : clayvision

"Diego" Umehara
Comment from : Alex

Daniel Dameron
Honestly, I dont think the problem should be resolved with lower skill gaps, but rather easing newer players into the game. As it stands, most fighter games dont give much help to a new player, instead they offer a wall of text and say "good luck". Some of them even have mechanics that are in place, but never spoken about in the game. I think we should give a way for newer player to get into the game easier without making the game easier, like interective tutorials or what dungeon fighter online does with slowly intodurcing more moves. Who knows, maybe they already do this or they have more beginner friendly modes and such. I honestly dont have many competitive fighters, mostly just super street fighter 4 3d edition (it was the only version I could get back then).
Comment from : Daniel Dameron

Anton Assenmacher
Tekken is still a competitive game and I'm happy about it!
Comment from : Anton Assenmacher

Psst the new Guilty Gear is going on this direction
Comment from : cuma212

i play league and i like where its going
also wow not so competitive but i like where its going
im not hard to please lol.

Comment from : Mat

Choco Pudding
How about a balance
Comment from : Choco Pudding

Felipe Pereira
When one of the best SF AND MvC players of all time say that SFV is just Marvel with lag, you gotta respect.
Comment from : Felipe Pereira

Grim Reaper
You called Google assistant 2:47
Comment from : Grim Reaper

Revisiting this video a couple of years later, with the ultra-accessible Fantasy Strike now available everywhere, here's my take: only a small, dedicated, talented and dexterous few can ever play fighting games at the "pro" level. Fighting games (at least the ones which are intended to be sold to the masses) should not be designed to simply cater to these pros. Too bad if there are a few casualties; too bad if Gamerbee and FilipinoChamp don't like it. From the perspective of the average gamer- or just the gamer who typically is unable to master fighting games- SF 5 is STILL a very hard and complex game. It's really, really not that easy at all. It's just relatively easier, and it was too damn hard for too damn long. With Fantasy Strike (a game where every move is one button and combos are typically 2-3 hits), Sirlin has proven that there is great depth beyond the execution barrier. Everyone can execute everything, yet spacing, timing, reads, matchup knowledge, reflexes/reactions, and so on are STILL present, still tremendously challenging, and still separate the novice from the master.
Comment from : macnolds

Comment from : ha8av

Knack II
None of this is as bad as how brawl was designed
Imagine if brawl had buffed landing lag (so that l cancelling is less useful), it lets you attack with tilts or smash attacks out of dash (like ultimate, making wavedashing not as necessary), making airdodges work like ultimate, buffing jumpsquat, and increasing the window for a dash dance to be input.
It helps the competitive scene and the casual audience by improving movement, while also making melee techniques not as necessary/viable so that its easier to learn
But why do that when you can add random tripping, which is fun for no-one?

Comment from : Knack II

Daniel Hale
It's always a balance between accessibility and rewarding pros. Courting pro players to the exclusion of new players is suicide: only the pros will play, and your community will dwindle and die. I've seen this to often to trust a game that reveres its pro players too much: it's not going to stick around. Not near enough money there, even with the income from spectacle matches, and your community is always dwindling as people leave and too few enter to replace them. But court new players too much and the game feels too squishy to be worth getting good at it or devoting time to it. It doesn't mean as much to win or lose if you don't feel it was a solid contest of skill, or that improving your play will lead to objectively better results.

I liked the video -- might be from this channel -- that discussed multiple stages of skill, handholds for climbing the mountain. Chun-li's button-masher kick is very easy to use, and is a good start for a new player. As the player grows in skill, they'll move on from it to more complicated and more effective play. Having multiple layers to the game both lets people enter and start working their way up in skill, while also supporting and rewarding a healthy pro crowd.

Or it might result in everyone being unhappy. Meh.

Comment from : Daniel Hale

Zalamael Semper Dius
I love this video. I have never really played fighting games that much, other than being a button masher in SF2 in the early 90s, and a button masher in Tekken 2 and 3 in the late 90s. With that being said, this video does an amazing job of breaking down the concepts and explaining them in a way that even a low skill fighting game player like myself can easily comprehend. At the same time though, I respect skill and mastery, and I hate that games are being dumbed down in order to make them more button masher friendly, at the expense of dedicated players who have put the time and effort in to 'git gud' at a game.

I amazes me that games like SF5 haven't taken the more obvious route, of making both casual and competitive modes within the same game. The casual game would simply be what SF5 is at its core, reducing the skill gap and allowing luck to be more of a factor, and then have a competitive mode that increases the skill gap, and removes luck as a factor. That way, each player can play the mode they prefer, while still allowing for the ability to learn and grow if you want to.

There are so many games out there that could have been so much better if they had simply taken this option. Although calling it simple is probably oversimplifying it, it would probably be more difficult to do, but it would at least give every player the best of both worlds, instead of shoehorning them into a game design that no one really enjoys, in a futile attempt to satisfy everyone (which is what happened with SF5 from the looks of it).

Comment from : Zalamael Semper Dius

Robert Flinch
The consequence is that veteran players get mad
Comment from : Robert Flinch

Huzaifa Arif
Ok so i am coming back to this fight genre of gaming after 6-7 years (played it in my childhood) should i or should i not try this game and if not would king of fighters 14 is a better option ??(i played it when i was a child )
Comment from : Huzaifa Arif

Adamah Dirt
Street fighter fell to tekken....i play tekken..next patch=epic
Comment from : Adamah Dirt

Og Stryve
No idea lupe fiasco plays SF lol
Comment from : Og Stryve

Hypro escalier
Just switch to tekken bruhh
Comment from : Hypro escalier

I like moves that are easy to input, but hard to use at the right time, hard to land, ect more than moves that require several stick and button inputs, but I'm sad to learn what has happened to the Street Fighter franchise.

There's an online tournament taking place right now over discord for 100% Orange Juice, a game where every action is literally rolling a die (or 2 or 4 in some cases) or using a card you just happened to pick up. The game has strategy though.

I think this proves that the most important thing is that you make sure players love the game. And if you change the series too much, people won't like it. The competitive spirit will live on as long as you don't ruin the sport, as Capcom has, at least to a large degree.

Perhaps Capcom could have made the easier performance a seperate mode, but nothing will ever make how easy it is to block that finisher okay.

Party games, competitive games, both can have great competition, as the tournament I mentioned proves. But luck must never be added to a franchise where there is none, and party series must retain the option to be party should they embrace the competitive side.

If you want to change a series so much, make a new one instead.

Comment from : Swirl

play 3rd strike its a good game
Comment from : Pizzacowboy

Renan Fuzita
It’s DAIGO. It’s not so difficult to say.
Comment from : Renan Fuzita

Why soo thicc.
Comment from : meme-sama!

Somebody Dude
This is what makes games like smash with being able to lower the luck, and you can still use combos, and it can be extremely competitive, simple, yet complicated.
Comment from : Somebody Dude

kk ok
This video makes me lov Tekken 7 even more
Comment from : kk ok

Lucien . a
I am a pro opposite trafic lights champion, so pro infact my training consists of jumping when they say stop,going when they say clap and vise versa if you dare to challenge my i will clap your cheeks (including marco polo)
Comment from : Lucien . a

Renz Sobrevilla
I want to be a Diego too.
Comment from : Renz Sobrevilla

Francisco Scherer
I wanna make a life style game with combo and skill XD. It would be a digital government.
Comment from : Francisco Scherer

Tfw ryu's parry is actually harder to time in sf5 than any parry in 3rd strike.
Comment from : Fwuffycodbunny

Speed Wrench Mobile Mechanics
I've been saying that these games aren't requiring skill mk 11 is pretty close but smash ultimate the gap is real I play in tournaments and my 8 year old beat my inkling and he doesn't even play
Comment from : Speed Wrench Mobile Mechanics

avid david
Well league of legend does it and the game is hell a lot better
Comment from : avid david

[GD] Annoe
6:53 maybe it was just capcom’s fault for basing combos off of a slippery slope muscle memory system that when finished memorizing, all the other combos would become useless. Did they really remove those moves and combos?
No there isn’t “expressing yourself”, it’s poor game design

Comment from : [GD] Annoe

So we finally got the project of Riot, it is maybe not Rising thunder, but it looks VEERY cool
Comment from : Teiten

aqua phoenix10432
Smash is like.. the perfect game for this IMO
Competitive players can play without items on legal stages, with complex strategies
And casual players can play with items on big, crazy stages

Comment from : aqua phoenix10432

this is why I play the Dark Souls series... Difficult, rewards perseverance, etc.
Comment from : ffgew22

Nelson Lama
Just continue with SF4, just like people still play SMBM, that's all
Comment from : Nelson Lama

GamerOGuy sacrificed his firstborn to Satan
"It's very difficult to add luck to an existing game"

Hero would like to know your location

Comment from : GamerOGuy sacrificed his firstborn to Satan

I play Smash and I love the direction it's going. Ultimate is much more balanced, interesting, and rewarding than other games. They're giving fans a lot of what they want without damaging the franchise.
Comment from : Caleb

Cratian Government
Wow, this guy wants to have fun when he takes time out of his day to do something that is considered fun? What a douche.
Comment from : Cratian Government

Gow1 devs said "its important that a player can get 99 kills in a row as the better player, but the younger brother can get 1 kill by luck or a bit of both" gears 5 devs? WHO CARES RIFLE THEM DOWN, SELL SKINS!!!
Comment from : GGZII

John Hamblin
We need to stop generalizing spectators like this. Spectators aren't finicky, they're diverse. The people praising one group are different from the ones criticizing it.
Comment from : John Hamblin

No mention of DOA? It's the extreme opposite. Top level DOA play is extremely technical and hard to follow: let me poke and whif around then do a hold to avoid hit stun and punish (because hold recovers faster than the attack in most cases) then the opponent adapts and does an attack cancel with sidestep hold - rinse and repeat. The better you are at the game the fewer moves you'll use to win
Comment from : Danjimaru

Zaheer’s ムエR Scooter
smash 4 and ultimate vibes
Comment from : Zaheer’s ムエR Scooter

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