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youmu konpaku
practicing against anyone will skill but if i go against players more skilled than me i ask help from them
Comment from : youmu konpaku

Lmao i always try to get better at games, nerding yt videos, training, then stop playing cuz its boring and then i start over
Comment from : TheBrownieCAT

Votre réalité Ce n'est pas ce que tu penses
Damm the way he pronounced Etude hurt my soul:(
Comment from : Votre réalité Ce n'est pas ce que tu penses

William Brooker
My name is will why are people always trying to find me
Comment from : William Brooker

That one part about intuition? I took that more about muscle memory in the state of you've been through everything so you can react to it. I remember reading Ultra Instinct was based off of a concept in some martial art (Kungfu or Karate I think) in which it is possible to react to something without thinking about it. For me personally it was dodgeball in school. I didn't register it until I already moved. This in theory I think should free up brain power to think. In that way I can see what they're saying. Maybe it was just worded poorly?

Oh and great content. I want to play fighting games sometime but the barrier to entry seems really steep.

Comment from : NerdyPro

This applies to any skill, sport, craft and artistic. Inspiring stuff. Being at the elite level of anything puts you into the same mindset no matter the field.

I'm an elite Morris Dancer

Comment from : DSDuddles

way ment
Im new to tekken 7 and need a book called "the will to keep losing"
Comment from : way ment

As a counterpoint, Magnus Carlsen and Armada both say that they essentially play completely subconsciously. Depending on the speed of the game, experts do have to rely on instinct.
Comment from : FortWhenTeaThyme

I play a lot of Smash bros and personally, I feel like I achieved "Competence" level quickly but I've never been able to up my game past that.
Comment from : Higth115

Cassan Q
You don’t really loose anything when you loose in fighting games; there are only positive outcomes. You either loose the match/interaction and gain understanding of what doesn’t work and a drive to get better, or win and find out what can work and gain the confidence to keep on improving.
Comment from : Cassan Q

Daigo is overrated in my opinion. To be good at fighting games, just have fun. Don't be like the rage quiters at tournaments.
Comment from : SaviorAssassin1996

My only motive at getting better at video games is the bullshit that I can learn as Hol Horse in HFTF
Comment from : FL4ym3Burn

Being real switching to key board with tekken made me (feel)300 percent better at the game
Comment from : ID10T_ERR0R


STREET FIGHTER V = Slow Game, Slow Moves, Easy Moves, Easy Anti-Air, Easy Trowns, No Timing, No Speed, No Real Masters.

Comment from : VEGA MASTER

Patrick Turner
the rage is what keeps me going
Comment from : Patrick Turner

black neo the one
I love srd strike and i suck at parrying but i love the game so much i started watching tournaments and i got better my online friends challenged me to first to ten with one character and i won 10 matches to 6 wit urien that made me way better than i was im still training to this day
Comment from : black neo the one

Wes Tolson
I think this is an oversimplification of the skill curve.
Comment from : Wes Tolson

Anyone know the music at 3:10

Pie Pie
lol the ice climbers at 3:33
Comment from : Pie Pie

Drew Boden
I like this a lot. I was a link main ssb ultimste, but I enjoyed seeing what others were able to do with Ness. I decided to use Lucas because of subtle differences and it was difficult at first. He was completely different and unintuitive. However I thought that learning how to use him and getting better was more enjoyable than winning a match. Growing was the goal and the reward. Now I think I'm decent. That's why I appreciated the Daigo quote about how a tournament is a playground for those who want to improve. I get it. And to be honest that sounds just like something Goku would think of. Winning is never truly the goal. It's growing and getting better. Ceremony means nothing. The fight is everything.
Comment from : Drew Boden

For me I know that playing with friends who will call you out on mistakes. This is more for intermediate level and above. Like jumping immediately when you are offstage or always jumping when you block. Whatever, these little things can be called out and help you and our friend improve, because not only do you notice his jumping you will start to see your own.
Comment from : Jmop74

Weeb Hoonty
Lol I wish I had someone to help me learn the game..... I haven’t played street fighter V in 2 years
Comment from : Weeb Hoonty

3:06 poor grian...
Comment from : BlackKalut

Rahadimas Samiaji
As an actual guitarist and fighting gamer, I highly approve this 👍
Comment from : Rahadimas Samiaji

Interesting, well researched, well quoted, well put together, well told, subscribed.
Comment from : killercivic2001

Lileyuh Da man
Well when xenoverse 2 was popping I had to realize I have to be more tricky with my moveset like how Gon from hunter x hunter was stalking hesoka, gon reacted after he attacks. So I started thinking like goku when it comes down to a fight you have to be creative and you have to keep your composure. My friend Dave is always focus on winning to the point of driving himself crazy when it comes down to fighting games, it’s not always about winning its about improving and feeling the thrill of battle
Comment from : Lileyuh Da man

I read this great book because of you. Thank you very much!
Comment from : Spike

6:52 skip this part pls ->7:11 #fuckinfultration
Comment from : M4TT YN

Blur Gamer
usually the strategy against a player of unknown skill level goes kinda like this:
1. aggressive offence until opponent realizes how to get out of it (then take note of what they did, and punish them next time they "escape")
2. play passive/defensive/waiting for easy punish until the oppenent learns that you have stopped being agressive (take note of how opponent opens their attack, and expect this same behavior next time you play passive)
3. keep switching between aggressive/passive and keep watching how your opponent responds.
4. when oppenent realizes they need to be unpredictable to counter your strategy, use cross-ups and fast movement maintain control of the tempo, maybe focusing on anti-airs or possibly baiting with a random whiffed special move

of course it depends what game you're playing, but most of these principles apply to the majority of fighting games.

Comment from : Blur Gamer

paul booti
I had a group of friends that all got into Smash at the same time. We all wanted to have fun, and the the better we got the more fun we had. It’s really good for casuals and aspiring pros alike.
Comment from : paul booti

Yuki (雪)
I'm happy that i find a game that just clicked with me, it is "Under Night In-Birth".

This game is really easy to understand, the tutorial it's great, now thanks to that game i understand a lot of basics across other fighting games that i didn't understand before.

Comment from : Yuki (雪)

By the law of the Dunning-Kruger effect, I should have some skill at fighting games since my confidence is on the ground, but I still get completely destroyed each time I play with any human.
Comment from : alt180

Sus ZX
We all know his cat is the real star of the episode.
Comment from : Sus ZX

Realizing I suck and trying to think of the source has helped me alot
Comment from : ThePirateOfGames

Dennis Roy
Pinball Wizard theory = The Zen of Gaming = Analysis without consciousness = can't be verbally described?
Comment from : Dennis Roy

So this can actually used for like any game, i mesn the 5 stages.
I am now on stage 4 and i literly went over stage 1 and 2 in most games, like i never where a beginner in a game i found interesting cause i watch too much Gameplay of anything so i know what to do and else like idk why tf i were on stage 3 so fucking long, i was so salty all the time and watched what i do so i was really like "th did i do, y am so agressive in any game... Maybe this is my strengh, fast thinking baiting and then going in and just shredding instantly"
And since then i couldnt play more cause of school. Love when i can play again with my time and learn at the same time.

Comment from : LordOfTheMemes

typewhateveryouwant 25
One way that I increased my skills in tekken was plain motives. Something else I used was changing my play style in one round I will go be up in his face but then and the next round I will mostly focus on poking and blocking. There is always someone that can help you mentally just look at Hbox he has (or had) a friend that guides him through mental blockage. So pretty much it depends if you strive to be the best I will first say learn from the experience
Comment from : typewhateveryouwant 25

Blue Vlog
the only thing u need to get good at any fighting game are learn the basic , get experience and learn to adapt. if u mastered that three u can always on top 8 in any tournament.
Comment from : Blue Vlog

Nikko Knight
This was amazing
Comment from : Nikko Knight

Pun Jab I
Unnecessary overanalysis. It is just pure practice and living the game nonstop. Most of us have lives and have better things to do than play video games 20 hrs a day for 12 years straight.
Comment from : Pun Jab I

Tanib Momen
7:24 "The Ultimate strength, however, is strong in a way they can't even fathom. It can't be put into words, and no one can analyze it. only those who have attained that level of strength know it's secret. Therein lies the godlike strength that inspires the masses and makes the crowd go wild" I got goosebumps from listening to that
Comment from : Tanib Momen

Brien Henry
Anybody down to train? I used to be pretty okay in older Street Fighter games but man is V kicking my butt.
Comment from : Brien Henry

youtube algorithm be like.... :D i started playing a fighter game more seriously like soon 2 months ago. I think I am at the point where I know how bad I am still... x)
Comment from : zenilla

What helped me get better at fighting is both simple and complicated at the same time, I just play the game until I've gotten to the point where I'm at least intermediate in skill considering the fact that I'm not a comparative player.
Comment from : Faidou

I constantly had someone I wanted to be better then, I looked up to them from when I was young and they gave me the will to learn and strive
Comment from : Sparrow

Soft Waffle
Dont go for wins
Go for learning the game

Comment from : Soft Waffle

alvaro alas
well the only saw to get better is to practice or you will get your ass handed to you
Comment from : alvaro alas

John Johnson
It sucks that I can't buy a physical copy of the book since it sounds like a gud read.
Comment from : John Johnson

Comment from : WaVeYBabyV

Copo De Nieve
This shit is too real. It applies to a lot of things in my actual life. Almost made me cry. 10/10
Comment from : Copo De Nieve

Been casually playing fighting games since the 90s, and never bothered to use light & medium attacks (if they're available) since everything else has been enough to work against friends and AI. That is until I played Samurai Shodown (2019).
Comment from : jp3813

Dubem Udeze
I wanna get better. I need to find that book
Comment from : Dubem Udeze

Alber Wgits
Getting my ass whooped got me better
Comment from : Alber Wgits

Laye Seck
lord daigo
Comment from : Laye Seck

Caivon's favorite things
I have a sparring partner
Comment from : Caivon's favorite things

Durrell Carter
"Y u no block" 😂😂😂😂😂 man I found this channel yesterday and literally watched this all day. The content is so good and detailed. I'm learning so much.
Comment from : Durrell Carter

Michael Cunningham
I know I'm almost three years late to the party, but I wanted to leave my comments about what motivated me to get better at fighting games.

It was videos of the professionals that I watched. I've always loved playing video games, fighting games included, since I was young. Now I'm 35 and it had, until recently, been quite some time since I played anything other than Pokemon to any serious degree. Lack of time was a factor. Life got in the way.

Then, for Christmas 2016 or 2017, I got Street Fighter 5. Took me a while to get around to playing it, but when I did I played through the Challenge mode combos and was slowly but undeniably drawn back in to the fighting game world.

So I searched online for videos of Street Fighter tournaments, so I could watch and enjoy the game being played at a high level, and it sky-rocketed from there. All the memories of hours spent with fighting games in my childhood came flooding back, as did the memory of seeing the Daigo parry for the first time in my young adult years.

I was gripped by the unshakable desire to learn to play well, a few videos turned into hours upon hours of videos, I read guides on how to play, I started (and I'm still) playing through Gief's Gym, I finally went online and started playing, and now I'm well and truly hooked.

I had always gravitated towards the shotos, but now I main Guile. He just seemed to click with me the best. That it also happens to be Daigo's Street Fighter 5 main is, I'm sure, no co-incidence.


Comment from : Michael Cunningham

No Name
7:26 Daigo knows Ultra Instinct
Comment from : No Name

All I do is block everything and win by running the time down so ez
Comment from : SenpaiCabooseTM

Logan Grant
This is absolutely fantastic.
Comment from : Logan Grant

Meme City
Playing the same character for 11 years. That helps a lot.
Comment from : Meme City

jhonattan pelaez
In fighting games and other competetive games I seem to get stuck at the competence level :(
How to get better at fighting games: Don't be like LTG

Comment from : jhonattan pelaez

"Beaty Zass"
Comment from : G_E_B

Acid help me get better at fighting games
Comment from : confucamus

RJ Robinson
6:06 it’s proper English to use “he or she” while still referring to one person of ambiguous gender, while “they” is SUPPOSED to be used only in plural. I’m only assuming that Daigo’s first language isn’t English so he’s just writing what he was taught lol
Comment from : RJ Robinson

I love this channel so much! Glad I stumbled upon sooner than later.
Honestly, I have been playing Melee for about two years now and what kept me going was my friends, my love for the game, and the constant drive to get better piece by piece.
Now, it’s awesome and I am learning more and more tech that comes easy to me

Comment from : SonySlyer

Sina Madani
The barrier at stage 3/4 is brutal.
Comment from : Sina Madani

In fighting games and other competetive games I seem to get stuck at the competence level :(
Comment from : XDoomriderX

Seth Dossett
this is excellent
Comment from : Seth Dossett

GETTING MOTIVATED --Me vs a new co-worker: we play DBFZ during lunch. I proceed to lose about 20-ish matches in a row after one of my other co-workers talked me up to him. The new guy says, "I'm disappointed." After the sets are done.

Nothing motivated me harder to lab. Turns out half the stuff he does isn't even real. Fast forward just a couple days... now he struggles to pull any wins at all against me.. all I said after was, " GGs. Still disappointed?" He didn't respond. Lol

Comment from : Raqu17

fancydeeldo fafa
the thing that drives me towards getting better at fighting games is my lack of gud gitted
Comment from : fancydeeldo fafa

Weed City
fatalz battle jin?
Comment from : Weed City

What’s really pushed me to get better was discovering a fighting game i loved. Before recently ive always appreciated streetfighter and played smash casually with friends, but it wasnt until my friends convinced me to buy mk11 that I actually wanted to become good at a fighting game. The game just suit me perfectly and trying to become better was natural, and fun. Since then ive played almost nothing but mk11
Comment from : KinglyChimera

Joseph Franc
This exact mindset is how I play.
Comment from : Joseph Franc

Sebastian Ayala
If I'm honest with you, the thing that has helped me the most to get better at fighting games, are your videos. If YouTube hadn't recommended me this channel, I would've probably given up on fighting games a long time ago. Keep up the amazing work!
Comment from : Sebastian Ayala

I guess I'm at the competence level in Smash. I was never obsessed with winning until I really started to understand how the game worked. Almost gave up on it but this video has given me some newfound hope. As a side note I've started playing Street Fighter as a sort of "cross-training" and I really enjoy it.
Comment from : eXOdus

Kamisu Bear
The thing that let me take it to the next level was learning lose gracefully. Its hard. Especially when hungry or tired. Actually id say im still learning how to lose. But being able to keep it together and appreciate why I loss helped a lot. Its also useful because a great way to get better is to fight people better than you, which of course incites loss.
Comment from : Kamisu Bear

Master Squirrel
Watching Martial Arts films got me better at Fighting Games.
Comment from : Master Squirrel

Jerii Uzimaki
What helped me develop a better play in Fighting games was to admit that I’m never the best at something even if I claim as my own game. There is some tech, characters, MUs, and Execution barriers that I still need to reach or surpass before I am able to put my print anywhere. In other words, I had to quit being an arrogant hothead.
Comment from : Jerii Uzimaki

Jim Giant
"Make continued growth your goal rather than winning"

The same is true of real martial arts and I've made huge progress since fully understanding this concept. I like to implement what I call "objective based sparring". Winning in a sparring match becomes a secondary objective and focusing on a particular skill I want to work on such as maintaining solid defence, putting pressure on my opponent or landing a technique I'm weak at becomes the primary goal.

Comment from : Jim Giant

FrostingOrb of Harmony
Playing fighting games is like playing piano or guitar
Comment from : FrostingOrb of Harmony

You have more fun loosing in a close fight than winning by a landslide
Comment from : gilladude

TripNBallsGaming (Under construction)
When's your cat coming to EVO? If anyone could beat Daigo it would be him.
Comment from : TripNBallsGaming (Under construction)

Piece of advice to you 8-Core, maybe you should use music themes from other fighting games, not just SF. The FGC isn't going to grow more if y'all keep depending too much on the SF series, I'm a fan of pretty much every title up to 3rd Strike but also a fan of Tekken, King Of Fighters etc, I think it's time to give other games that have being good as of late the shine they deserve.
Comment from : morenaje23

michael johnson
The only way to get better in fighting games is simple.
1. Start at training mode
2. Play in casual matches for a while dont worry about rank until you understand how people play in your rank
3. Play rank matches.
4. Play at your local events so you can evolve under stress and meet new people so you can learn from other people in new type of understanding of the game.
5. Repeat steps 1 throw 4.

Comment from : michael johnson

LTG has left the chat

More like game

Comment from : ZEROXIII

Christian Rico
I've never heard Recuerdos de la Alhambra described as an etude.

Until now.

Which is it?
I'm fairly certain it's concert music. A nitpick for sure, but now I'm all confused. Haha

Comment from : Christian Rico

Getting bodied repeatedly helped me get better. To the point where i felt i knew my opponents character better then they did.
Comment from : Rique

6:30—That Ken combo. Mmmm.💜👊
Comment from : JonahDeroy

john jobs
you should make a video on how people handled rust and the effects of rust and mid rust
Comment from : john jobs

Fall San
It's a great book. I should get it. Not only for fighting games, but for any quest for expertise in general
Comment from : Fall San

Currently I'm around Levels 3 and 4. Thanks for your guide...I'm starting to feel even more confident and less worried about myself!
Comment from : DaBluePittoo

my friend austin is a beast
Comment from : drhappyninja

The_ninja _nurse
when this is basically a life lesson and showed me how to learn new skills and get better at them
Comment from : The_ninja _nurse

Green Orb
6:05 use "they" only if they're playing a team match.
and don't give me that "b-but my spirit animal was right next to me, i couldn't do it alone" bullshit, you know exactly what i mean.

Comment from : Green Orb

I'm at the competence level, Ik what to do but my fingers and my confidence don't wanna do it.
Comment from : SaRaN-ALEX

Knack II
7:03 the best example of this imo, is fox/falco shine in melee. Designed as a reflector, the community eventually found out that it comes out frame one, can be jumped out of, etc.
Comment from : Knack II

Knack II
0:19 ken has actual bananas for hair
Comment from : Knack II

Please korean sub
Comment from : 건로이모레츠

Dominic Patterson
Planning on picking up Lord Daigo's book very soon. Also, this is easily the best video I've seen on your channel. Kudos. :)
Comment from : Dominic Patterson

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