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Testing Games
Games :
Battlefield 5
Rainbow Six Siege - 01:01
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 01:49
HITMAN 2 - 02:35
The Witcher 3 - 03:26

Comment from : Testing Games

Mr. Carroll Ware
I need 16 cores lol porn hub is to slow on anything less
Comment from : Mr. Carroll Ware

I need all
Comment from : Dowahkiin

So 4 cores is the minimum, 2 cores is basically playing PowerPoint slides
Comment from : Deruzzi

Epic Hacks
Cores vs ghz
Comment from : Epic Hacks

Din sya
Next 16 core and 32 core
Comment from : Din sya

Melv Beatz
9600kf 6 threads or ryzen 3600 12 threads ? D:
Comment from : Melv Beatz

4 cores with hyperthreading.
Comment from : ravenwda007

best opinion
So, 4 could be enough but if you are serious gamer at least 8.
Comment from : best opinion

Want a good gaming cpu get 6c 12t. Want a beast gaming cpu get 8c 16t.
Comment from : Sgtqman19

max enzo
any console port will run better on 8cores, it makes sense thats with what the game was designed for.
Comment from : max enzo

Kirienko Art
Only CPU bound games.
Comment from : Kirienko Art

René Vos
I'd say 6 cores is the sweet spot, but 8 cores is the best. It actually makes somewhat sense today to just go for a 10 core and just do all the back ground stuff on the spare 2 cores.
Comment from : René Vos

András Lux
I think if you have a weaker GPU, and it hits 100% with 2 or 4 cores, then more cores does not really matter. (I have an RX 470 with an i3 6100 and most games manage 1080p 60 fps with high settings with low anti aliasing)
Comment from : András Lux

orc malavi
is it worth it to upgrade from a ryzen 3600 to a 3800x to get eight cores? (when the prices for ryzen 3000 drop)
Comment from : orc malavi

forest tramp
same benchmark cpu comparison? i think no
Comment from : forest tramp

Zack 691
Ryzen 4 cores is more than enough
Comment from : Zack 691

I was surprised to see more cores have benefit, thought 6 Core is the sweet spot. However SMT was turned off, so this test innacurate.
Comment from : Zobesz

With a mid range graphic card the difference drop a lot. Test made on the 2080!!!!
Comment from : Bravus36

Rando Wiratama
laugh in 4 cores
Comment from : Rando Wiratama

1 Roman
So, even 6 cores is not enough with an good GPU (rtx 2070+)
Comment from : 1 Roman

Itz Syo
Think about it he’s using a RTX 2080 so the 4 core is bottlenecking. There isn’t that big of a deference between 4 core and 6
Comment from : Itz Syo

Cold Coffee Gamer
Finally some innovation in the CPU space, time to upgrade my i7-2600k to a R9 3900x
Comment from : Cold Coffee Gamer

Human eye can only see 2 cores
Comment from : herozero96

if you use 1 cpu with disable/enable cores is very stupid....
Comment from : Гошуу

Intel won
Comment from : LAXITY

EyezOn Gaming
I don't man... seems like my eyes can only handle 60 FPS on an average...
Comment from : EyezOn Gaming

Aim for 6-8
Comment from : Garry

most games can't even use 12 fucking cores, YEEET anyways
Comment from : Garry

omar akram
Crying in 2 cores
Comment from : omar akram

Ahmed Ali
i want ask something how games work into processor games need one core strong or use multicores if we will say 3.2*6 core or 3.0*8 core what is better for games ?
Comment from : Ahmed Ali

Marco Lukas
AMD brutality.
Comment from : Marco Lukas

Bimo Tunggal Dipowardani
Is 6 cores 12 threads = 12 cores ?
Comment from : Bimo Tunggal Dipowardani

Brent Oslund
To make this a true “CORE” comparison. They should all be clocked the same. To see if CORES actually matter.
Comment from : Brent Oslund

Rafe Luo
how do record for all of them to have the same video
Comment from : Rafe Luo

Marc Melancon
I love my 10 core i7 6950x
Comment from : Marc Melancon

cores cores cores cores....
Comment from : Givofriends

Jakub Vitališ
which individual cpus have you used when testing?
Comment from : Jakub Vitališ

The answer is none, go play outside you losers.
Comment from : dunsparcedisco

planckz _
10 cores are enough
Comment from : planckz _

Bg Kumar
Think 6 is the sweet spot?
Comment from : Bg Kumar

Misan tropo
4 cores is still enough for absolutely everything
Only buy hardware when you really need it

Comment from : Misan tropo

Peter Cavojec
Inacurate. 4 core/ 6 core + 2080ti in 1080p. Never saw in real life.
Comment from : Peter Cavojec

Sima Nova
Only if you pair a RTX2080
Comment from : Sima Nova

Why do you use Ultra Settings for CPU-Benchmarking?
Comment from : MadMarx42

Mokhtarone Ben
wtf is this video , how useless to make a video without saying which cpu exactly are u using . 6 cores what ? intel or amd , and what is the referance ??? and and and
Comment from : Mokhtarone Ben

Works different for different cpus, you can't just disable cores on a single cpu and call it a day..
Comment from : LISTED

Pardeep Singh Gill
What are graphics cards and other hardware used with these processors? Because it is a ridiculous amount of difference in the fps.
Comment from : Pardeep Singh Gill

I Gloomy
You should do tests of escape from tarkov.
Comment from : I Gloomy

Hans Von Witzland
4 core 8 thread performance is on par with 6 core
Comment from : Hans Von Witzland

ArmorMan 300
Do they all have the same clock speed and stuff just different cores?
Comment from : ArmorMan 300

William Thomson
CPU user benchmark says you don't need more than 4 cores for gaming though...
Comment from : William Thomson

The Chaos
is this the Ryzen 3900x and you can turn off cores as much as how you want
or this some different cpus ??????

Comment from : The Chaos

human eye can only see dual core!!
Comment from : Hidan

Bünyamin Ölmezbaş
how did you get 110 fps on ac odyssey Im using i7 9700k 3.6Ghz and GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8GB but I get 60-70 fps
Comment from : Bünyamin Ölmezbaş

Alex K
@Testing Games what are the actual cpu in tests?
Comment from : Alex K

i think 6core 8700k better than this 12core for gaming
Comment from : sYn FPV

Reona sabskrep
10 core? How about dual proc?
Comment from : Reona sabskrep

36 cores is not enought
Comment from : LowFpsGamer

6 cores = For gaming
8 cores = For gaming streaming and création.
10-12 cores = For editing at 4k résolution.

Comment from : Nymesia

Lodewijk Vogels
4 cores is enough for modern titles. You may want to upgrade to 6 core
Comment from : Lodewijk Vogels

Georg C
I better need a quantum computer
Comment from : Georg C

Penuela Allan
i play at 60 fps ultra 4 cores is good for me.
Comment from : Penuela Allan

How Many Cores Really Need For Gaming?

Me: Yes

Comment from : yongsua1989

Test for Rendering Video please....We need that....
Comment from : MKS RAKAM

4 cores & 8 threads is working perfect @ 1440p for me.
Comment from : bobbobolo

Your problem is smt is off.
Comment from : SuaveUrkell

why pay for 8 cores , if 6 does the same job
i bought a z390 motherboard to give my 8700K some faster ram
but i won't be getting myself a 500 dollar processor that does the same fps or less in some games even
the 8700K is a better option and cheaper , plus you can oc them to 4.9 without even touching any voltage
temps stay at the lower side , if you go 5ghz the temps start shooting to the 80's C , never goes above 60 C

Comment from : ThermaL1102

more than 8 is overkill. that's why amd's extra cores/threads are useless for just gaming
Talking bout high ends, not low ends. Actually, I just bought an and Ryzen 5 3600

Comment from : bRUh

Слабоумие и Отвага
6 cores - now, 8 cores - near future
Comment from : Слабоумие и Отвага

Furkan Yüksel
If you have 75 hz monitor, 6 core 12 thread processor is enough
Comment from : Furkan Yüksel

Adrian Stealth
i want an Iron Core cpu just because it sounds good
Comment from : Adrian Stealth

William KD
Human eyes can't see more than 8 cores!!
Comment from : William KD

Кутузик Кутуз
1366-xeon 5645 (+_+) top
Comment from : Кутузик Кутуз

Ag Mg
6 core to 12 are only small gains, but afcourse 12 cores is futureproofing
Comment from : Ag Mg

арт лук
8 самое оптимальное на данный момент соотношение цена производительность
Comment from : арт лук

8 cores is what I use.
Comment from : XBOXRULES

Star of Eden
8 cores and up is a must
Watched a video yesterday
3600x vs 3700x vs 3900x.
More cores was winning all the time even if it was 1-10 fps

More cores cost more.
But with a lazy developer on performance or a game with lots of AI and sound and physics more cores are gonna win all the time.
It helps in multiplayer too

Comment from : Star of Eden

Dumbicus Maximus
6 to 8 is the answer
Comment from : Dumbicus Maximus

Daniel Gilroy
I have a 12 core i9 9920x and i get 20 fps on cities skylines lol wtf
Comment from : Daniel Gilroy

Dual core...runn
Comment from : AD GAMING 96

Z Delivery
I dont know much but im afraid the gaming business scumbagity gradually is going to make us buyers shift to higher, higher cores for no logical-wise performance reason but business profit

We all know they arent working alone, right. Cpu, gpu & assemblers all in this together

Comment from : Z Delivery

Phillip Lemmon
8c/16t ..... is where it's at.
Comment from : Phillip Lemmon

I disagree with a lot of other viewers. I think this is a good way to show the difference in core counts, because it eliminates all other differences to show only core count effects. I would really like to see comparisons to lower than 12 cores, but with SMT. I know there are games that work well with it and others even drop in framerate which would be really interesting.
Comment from : UrukKing

Divyansh Verma
And here i am using a intel celeron with a single core #sadlife 😫
Comment from : Divyansh Verma

عصام سيد
8 theards do same performance 8 cores ????
Comment from : عصام سيد

erutyj 76ky88
I7 9700k 5ghz for the winner
Comment from : erutyj 76ky88

What about dual core?
Comment from : Actiminium

Safwaan Elex
I am happy in my life with 6 cores✌️💯
Comment from : Safwaan Elex

Kalin Malchev
Its better to compare actual processor benchmarks than the number of cores. A ryzen 5 3600 (6 cores 12 threads) has very close gaming performance to a ryzen 7 3700x (8 cores 16threads) but is much cheaper and better value. Especially with higher resolutions the difference is even smaller.
Comment from : Kalin Malchev

Ganket Chips
hello friends, how is i7 3770k for gaming? I cant buy any other
Comment from : Ganket Chips

Фёдор Сумкин
Был похожий разбор на PRO hi-tech

Comment from : Фёдор Сумкин

CS Hardcore
6 cores 12 threads will last for years. I7 8700 runs anything you throw at it.
Comment from : CS Hardcore

6 is good, others is: MY CUM IS COMING!
Comment from : Laksonik

is that important core sh,, ? Ok I will change my PC lol
Comment from : bedirxxx

I’m curious how hyperthreading affects this result
Comment from : agodelianshock

Lucas Mariano
Me: 2 cores
Comment from : Lucas Mariano

most folks been known 4 is the most usally needed but a person can run a 2 core and game just turn up reso and frames will be higher or leave it lower games still run good I did it last year with a pc
Comment from : cmoneytheman

Watching on my single core celeron
Comment from : 512yottabytes

muhammad ehtasam
4 to 12 cores double your fps
Comment from : muhammad ehtasam

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