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"If someone says I'm good at something, I deny it and try to do other things"

Me: Wow, you're really good at winning

Comment from : SJNaka101

Belmonts (SSBU)
Comment from : Falight

Marvin Silvestre
Wth i love spam
Comment from : Marvin Silvestre

Favorite projectile character; Lambda-11 from BB:CF, Freaking flying blades all freaking day.
Comment from : Grug

Kuroi Kaze
Projectiles are totally fine on suitable characters, but shotos are just a bad character archetype and don't need a hadouken. Good projectile users imo are Ky and Dizzy from GG.
Comment from : Kuroi Kaze

Cratian Government
Your analysis videos such as this one have gotten me into fighting games. I don't think I would have been able to appreciate these games as much as I do now if it weren't for them.
Comment from : Cratian Government

jeremiah Boney
I love guile
Comment from : jeremiah Boney

Comment from : Posty

Bulleta (B.B.Hood) has always been my favourite projectile character, and favourite Darkstalkers character.
Comment from : Azza

tray pendland
My favorite projectile characters gotta be-
Curly Brace (Blade Strangers)

Comment from : tray pendland

We all know the best projectile is melee falco laser
Comment from : __

Meme Man
My favorite projectile character is melee marth
Comment from : Meme Man

Is the banana that Diddy Kong in SSBU throws also belongs to fire ball? I'm little curious.
Comment from : 최호재

Charlie Castillo
Well, for street fighter alpha 3
, I love Charlie, which is just guile.

Comment from : Charlie Castillo

I love your videos man but I'm leaving a dislike for calling smash a fighting game. Smash is a party game
Comment from : Batman

Dan the weeb
My favorite projectile character is Peacock from Skullgirls
Comment from : Dan the weeb

Daniel Pedersen
Blue Hadoukens aren't fireballs.
Comment from : Daniel Pedersen

tfw Seth will never be in any new fighting game ever
Comment from : DEL

Му favorite projectile character is Jigglypuff because his Shoryuken works under water.
Comment from : Alex

I got a street fighter add before this
Comment from : Trammy101

Lucas Casey
Tbh my fav projectile character is guille, samus and mega man
Comment from : Lucas Casey

Álvaro Alvarado Jiménez
Hero kafrizz it's absoluta broken
Comment from : Álvaro Alvarado Jiménez

In tekken, we play a more complicated footsie game. It's about sidestepping into more favorable positions in the stage, fighting for the center because that makes combos from one side stronger than the other because of the wall and wall breaks etc. Focusing on that too much makes you weaker to spacing backwards which could result in puahback from punching and kicking attacks blocked. Reading when that attack meant to push back the sidestep game would result in CH.
Comment from : mmmk

Sekayi Slade
doramanu i feel like when i play him in marvel three im in total control which fits his character
Comment from : Sekayi Slade

Ken N.
my fav projectile character is akuma from tekken 7
Comment from : Ken N.

Spicy meatballs
2:50 the little cammy being kicked away in the bottom right cracked me up way more than it should have
Comment from : Spicy meatballs

Imagine a guy going to a jiu jitsu tournament and pulling a gun and shooting his opponent, that's how much bullshit a hadukin is.
Comment from : Decoy

Padparadscha Dead
My favorite projectile are from lambda11/nu13 and dizzy.
Comment from : Padparadscha Dead

Strike The Furry
Young links should die in five different car crashes.
Comment from : Strike The Furry

Naveed Near-Ansari
My favorite projectile is snake Because he feels like whe. Played best is a tactician stealing more and more space.
Comment from : Naveed Near-Ansari

Max Merrill
Thank you ness ness
Comment from : Max Merrill

Cool, now I can spam and have a technical excuse.
Comment from : Nile

R U Sirius
Favorite projectile character is probably smash ultimate link tbh
He can do such interesting setups using boomerang and bomb's physics and it can be pretty crazy

Comment from : R U Sirius

It's called zoning kid, deal with it
Comment from : captaincomfycactus

Timbo Yuen
01:58 lol the background, where's that from?
Comment from : Timbo Yuen

CEO of Cheetos
I feel like I'm the only person who likes the meat spam
Comment from : CEO of Cheetos

El Ganso Edgy
What if...
You wanted ti go heaven
But god said...

Pk Fire lol

Comment from : El Ganso Edgy

Conrad Morcillo
Megaman ssb
Comment from : Conrad Morcillo

Falco's lasers would really be a casual killer espescially since you could shoot-jump-shoot
Comment from : Chickenalaking

Samus from melee is my favorite projectile character as every character in the game can reflect projectiles so you have do asess if they are gonna shield, reflect or punch the projectile and react to it
Comment from : Julian

Iggy Oomen
i realy like samus
Comment from : Iggy Oomen

DnD Dude
Spam (the meat) has Salt in it?


Comment from : DnD Dude

Rare Comment
I like spam
Comment from : Rare Comment

Speedy Pichu
Pichu! (I like playing Megaman in Smash bros)
Comment from : Speedy Pichu

Imagine playing fighting games like this lol. Thats why tekken rules
Comment from : 愁い-Unorthodox

-p Catalano
I was never good at Street Fighter II (only one I ever played). But I had a couple of friends who would double K.O. each other frequently.
Comment from : -p Catalano

Beef Cake
Great video 👍🏻
Comment from : Beef Cake

Pedro Maysonet
My favorite projectile character is definitely Adon. Now, you may be saying "Adon doesnt have any". Youre wrong his voice is so annoying it's basically a fireball hitting me irl.
Comment from : Pedro Maysonet

Joshua Jeong
Well thanks Capcom for helping with Smash Ultimate!
Comment from : Joshua Jeong

protosilver 97
I think the iron Man is my favourite proyectile launcher
Comment from : protosilver 97

Crazy Tosser
peacock is my waifu
Comment from : Crazy Tosser

Jake Simpson
And now dbfz has a dedicated fire ball button
Comment from : Jake Simpson

Dan Bird
4:30 but what if someone says that avoiding doing what someone said is a strength of Diago's?
Comment from : Dan Bird

Ukyo Tachibana Samurai Shodown
Comment from : scowlistic

Ferdinand Andre
[Katsuhiro Harada speaking Japanese]
Comment from : Ferdinand Andre

Ryu is my favourite fighting game character period even though I hate shotos and ninjas, I think I just hate clones, I really liked kens new look I sf5 because it finally made a real change to his mechanics and wasn't superficial, shame everything else about that game was poorly executed.
Comment from : Scyon13

jacen masters
Was that professor Umehara???
Comment from : jacen masters

Strange Claims
Tfw, i've been playing wrong all my life.
Comment from : Strange Claims

VilainC Films
Falco laser in Melee is broken.
Comment from : VilainC Films

I just can't stand the zoning in 2D fighting games, i mean it's fighting game it should be about fighting not about throwing stuff at the opponent, that's why I play tekken

all i can say is...


Comment from : zang

Ryu Subadashi
Stop Spammin’ Asshole!

~your friend getting annoyed at you.

Comment from : Ryu Subadashi

Hol horse boingo
Comment from : EggRamen24

2:20 thought it said shit super combo 😁😁
Comment from : SaurabhMishra

Young link
Comment from : timtimboi

leo alcaraz
Hate all projectile users they’re cheap
Comment from : leo alcaraz

Was I the only one jamming out to the background music?
Comment from : cmarvel411

7:40 that's new?
Comment from : Tenderonies

Sam Williams
I play Ness in smash. My favorite projectile? Ness.
Comment from : Sam Williams

Tim F
Here's the thing. One of the big reasons projectile spamming bothers so many players (aside from the fact that they tend to decimate casual or less experienced players) is that they often have the effect of reducing high level play to a handful of specific moves looped by a handful of top tier characters, which can make the game feel less rich when other mechanics/elements/characters get shuffled into the background.

i have nothing against projectiles or zoning per say but after 20+ years it might be nice to get a fighting game or two built around something radically different than the usual projectile into corner trap combo gameplay. It's a bit played out IMHO.

Comment from : Tim F

So the video is about projectiles in fighting games. Fair enough. But the title of the video is both unbefitting and also a nonsense statement. Street Fighter II created fighting games we know today. There was nothing to reinvent at that time. No one paid any attention to Street Fighter 1, SFII created the genre and the hadouken simultaneously.
Comment from : ティルブルックベンジャミン

"Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting"
Sagat: am i a joke to you?

Comment from : Supzer

It also changed music.
For worse at least for me.

Comment from : phenrilwolf

Logan Serrant
my favorite projectile characters are usually characters that summon monsters to shoot or BECOME projectiles. there's just a charm to them.
Comment from : Logan Serrant

nick hower
my favorite fireball user is sagat, but i prefer grapplers like zangief and alex
Comment from : nick hower

Cool. Thank you Street Fighter 1 for Street Fighter 2. This is the value of persistence (within reason), if at first it doesn't work but the fundamentals are cool, try again.

God bless, Proverbs 31

Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Instant subscribe, excellent video
Comment from : Sener

Tylor Waters
falco lasers are basically hadouken but travel faster and have almost no lag. if it was in a 2D fighter it would be a living hell
Comment from : Tylor Waters

Ilya Kipnis
Favorite fireball character? Of course it has to be Morrigan :D Especially when backed up by Dr. Doom =)
Comment from : Ilya Kipnis

Spam it!
Comment from : 12x12surface

rey Nold
Projectiles in injustice are frustrating as hell. Y d hell will u hv Dat much space n give quick projectiles that take life
Comment from : rey Nold

Danny Wright
Comment from : Danny Wright

Xander McDonald
There’s zoners, then there’s the belmonts
Comment from : Xander McDonald

Ya wanna tell me i cam shoot fireballs andd kill others ?? << this is was my first reaction to street fighters 😅
Comment from : NYSam_OP KOF98UMOL

Michael Richard
It is a stupid game trope because there is NO penalties for repeats and NO mana is lost.
Comment from : Michael Richard

They're just spamming.
Comment from : PANTHERismyname

2:50 I watched that like 7 times
Comment from : kefkapalazzo1

Yoshi is Top 5 In SSBU
Although I dread projectile characters because of my favorite character playstyles, I really like Vatista from Under- Night in Birth.
Comment from : Yoshi is Top 5 In SSBU

4:30 Sun Tzu's Art of War. Don't let your opponent know their strengths and weaknesses.
Comment from : Dolphinboi

Interesting gameplay?

Nope. Just spam projectiles.

Comment from : Dolphinboi

People who spam fireballs are usually little bitches in real life who are too afraid to get toe to toe with an opponent.
Comment from : coyote311

Lurk 808
Ibuki: so how do you throw good hadouken?
Ryu: hadoukens the shit outta her
Ibuki: dies

Comment from : Lurk 808

honest question, do fighters still use frame dependent event or is it just that that has become the common term to refer to game ticks?
Comment from : Mondra

Rob V
Did the "fake" fireball commands have a much faster recovery time than throwing a real fireball? Otherwise i dont see the point
Comment from : Rob V

Ramona Martinez
The joy of being a Link main!

Comment from : Ramona Martinez

Sorry but dudleys rose is the best
Comment from : K M M

Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto
7:30 I discovered something similar with Guy back in Super Street Fighter 4 where I used a crouching medium kick and his animation makes him dodge fireballs too.
Comment from : Royer [RedKingRoy] Calixto

Favorite projectile char? GUILE....I'd love a half circle boom for him lol
Comment from : D THE CHEMIST

Spam aka zoning lol
Comment from : D THE CHEMIST

Asim Umer
7:36 E-Honda's virgina
Comment from : Asim Umer

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